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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Dance Music, Wakefulness and Embodied Rhythm – Part 4 How could different types of music be used in therapy? Oxford medical graduate and working musician and DJ Michael Diamond discusses the features of different music genres types of music and their therapeutic potential. Eric Clarke, Michael Diamond 22 Feb 2024
2 Creative Commons Dance Music, Wakefulness and Embodied Rhythm – Part 3 How can electronic dance music tools and techniques be used to manipulate music for psychological ends, for example to enhance sleep? Eric Clarke, Michael Diamond 22 Feb 2024
3 Creative Commons Dance Music, Wakefulness and Embodied Rhythm – Part 2 How does a DJ use different music to engage listeners, from a neuropsychological perspective? Professor Eric Clarke (Emeritus Professor of Music at Oxford) and Michael Diamond (Oxford medical graduate and musician/DJ) discuss. Eric Clarke, Michael Diamond 22 Feb 2024
4 Creative Commons Dance Music, Wakefulness and Embodied Rhythm – Part 1 What's the relationship between music and the rhythms of our lives? Professor Sally Shuttleworth asks Professor Eric Clarke (Music at University of Oxford) and Michael Diamond (Oxford medical graduate and musician/DJ) to discuss. Sally Shuttleworth, Eric Clarke, Michael Diamond 22 Feb 2024
5 (E10/10) The Missing Bean Sitting outside, just to the right of the entrance, facing Lincoln College. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
6 (E9/10) Walking down Mansfield Road, Holywell Street, and Broad Street From Queen Elizabeth House to Cornmarket Street, on the left-hand side. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
7 (E8/10) Walking in University Parks From the back gate at St Anne’s College, in through North Gate, and along North Walk to Lazenbee’s Ground Walk, in the middle of North Walk. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
8 (E7/10) Oxford University Museum of Natural History Sitting in the café on the gallery, at a table closest to the central court, just to the right of the till, facing the central court. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
9 (E6/10) Walking down Cornmarket Street From Carfax Tower to George Street, on the left-hand side. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
10 (E5/10) Walking through Clarendon Centre From Queen Street to Cornmarket Street, in the middle. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
11 (E4/10) Walking inside University Church of St. Mary the Virgin Down the aisle and into the Nave, back along the north corridor, and out on High Street. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
12 (E3/10) Radcliffe Square on an early summer morning Sitting outside at Vaults & Garden cafe, in the middle between the two entrances, facing Radcliffe Camera. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
13 (E2/10) Walking up Queen’s Lane and New College Lane From High Street to Catte Street, on the left-hand side. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
14 (E1/10) Bell towers telling the time on Christ Church Meadow Standing on Broad Walk, just to the left of Merton Grove, facing Christ Church Meadow. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
15 Introduction Welcome to the Oxford Sound Album. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
16 Graffiti, music, and football ultras: expressing dissent in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Piotr Schulkes, Adam Abdallah, and Kalyani Nedungadi discuss non-official ways in expressing dissent, comparing Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, and Palestine. Kalyani Nedungadi, Piotr Schulkes, Adam Abdalla 17 Dec 2021
17 The Diasporic Quartets: Identity and Aesthetics Keynote lecture in the Diversity and the British String Quartet Symposium, day 3, held on 16th June 2021. Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities. Des Oliver, Nina Whiteman 02 Sep 2021
18 The string quartet takes residence: class, community, curricula Keynote lecture in the Diversity and the British String Quartet Symposium, held on 14th June 2021. Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities. Laura Tunbridge, Wiebke Thormählen 02 Sep 2021
19 Episode 4. The Birmingham Oratory: Elgar and Newman Fr Guy Nicholls joins Dr Joanna Bullivant at The Oratory in Birmingham to discuss the origins of Elgar’s work in Cardinal Newman’s own poetry, charitable work, and love of music. Joanna Bullivant, Guy Nicholls 05 Aug 2021
20 Episode 3. The Firs and Birchwood Lodge: Natural Inspirations Dr Joanna Bullivant visits Elgar’s Birthplace - The Firs - and Birchwood Lodge, where The Dream of Gerontius was written, and talks about the inspiration Elgar drew from the natural landscapes in these two locations. Joanna Bullivant 05 Aug 2021
21 Episode 2. St George’s Church, Worcester: Marginal Origins Dr Joanna Bullivant is joined by Deacon Paul O’Connor to visit the Catholic church in which Elgar worshipped and acted as organist, and to discuss Elgar’s place in the history of Catholic Worcester. Joanna Bullivant, Paul O’Connor  05 Aug 2021
22 Episode 1. Worcester Cathedral: A Civic Legacy Dr Joanna Bullivant explores the tumultuous history of Elgar’s The Dream of Gerontius, and speaks to Samuel Hudson, Director of Music at Worcester Cathedral, to learn about the importance of Elgar’s work in Worcester today. Joanna Bullivant, Samuel Hudson 05 Aug 2021
23 The Formula of Giving Heart: Panel Discussion and Conversation with the Artist Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities. Khaled Kaddal, Christopher Haworth, Darci Sprengel, Christabel Stirling 18 Jun 2021
24 English folk tunes in performance today Musicians Sam Sweeney, Rob Harbron, and Alan Lamb join Dr Alice Little to discuss English folk music in performance today. Sam Sweeney, Rob Harbron, Alan Lamb, Alice Little 03 May 2021
25 A history of English folk tunes Dr Alice Little speaks with folk musicians and music collectors Jeremy Barlow, Matt Coatsworth, and Becky Price about the history of English folk music, and what makes it so 'English'. Alice Little, Jeremy Barlow, Matt Coatsworth, Becky Price 26 Apr 2021
26 The Sound of Contagion 2/3 The “Sound of Contagion” explores what a society of contagion can sound like and how technology can illuminate 2020 pandemic and others throughout history. Chelsea Haith, Robert Laidlow, Wenzel Mehnert 26 Mar 2021
27 The Black Chicago Renaissance Women: Lives and Legacies in Music | Dr. Samantha Ege Held on International Women's Day 2021, Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the future, Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities - in collaboration with Lincoln College, Oxford. Samantha Ege 22 Mar 2021
28 The Queen's Access Podcast: Episode 9 - Music Kyla Thomas, Queen’s JCR Access and Outreach Rep, talks to Rhiannon Harris, Rachel Howe and Rowan Ireland about what it's like to be involved in music at Queen's, including the Eglesfield Music Society and the Queen's Chapel Choir. Kyla Thomas, Rhiannon Harris, Rachel Howe, Rowan Ireland 18 Feb 2021
29 In Conversation with Anne Boyd Internationally-renowned composer Anne Boyd is in conversation with composer Thomas Metcalf, discussing her life and music ahead of a performance of her String Quartet No. 2 ’Play on the Water’ later this year. Anne Boyd, Thomas Metcalf 05 Feb 2021
30 Singing Together; Apart: Gregorian Chant Workshop – Song of Simeon In this online choir workshop you will learn to sing along with a simple voice part from the Candlemas Nunc Dimittis and see the 15th-century manuscript from the Cistercian nunnery of Medingen where the music is preserved in the Bodleian Libraries Henrike Lähnemann, Nick Swarbrick, Andrew Dunning, Alexandra Burgar 15 Dec 2020
31 Live Event: In Conversation with Jamelia, Multi-Award Winning Artist TORCH Goes Digital! presents a series of weekly live events Big Tent - Live Events! Performance Week​. Jamelia, Priya Atwal, Yvonne Liao 07 Oct 2020
32 Live Event: Celebrating Tchaikovsky TORCH Goes Digital! presents a series of weekly live events Big Tent - Live Events! Music Week Leah Broad, Philip Bullock 06 Oct 2020
33 Series Two Episode Four: Fairies and the Environment Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield talk about a new theme that emerged in the ‘Modern Fairies’ project, fairies as guardians of the environment. Carolyne Larrington, Fay Hield, Ben Nicholls, Inge Thomson 22 Sep 2020
34 Series Two Episode Three: Fairies and Children Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield uncover the works inspired by the strange tale of the Green Children and the changeling legend. Carolyne Larrington, Fay Hield, Terri Windling, Brian McMahon 22 Sep 2020
35 Series Two Episode Two: Fairy Time and Space Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield explore the ways in which the project artists engaged with the fairy world as parallel and yet distinct from our world, and the ways in which time warps in the other world. Carolyne Larrington, Fay Hield, Barney Morse Brown, Ewan MacPherson 22 Sep 2020
36 Series Two Episode One: Introducing the Modern Fairies Project Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield introduce the artists and outcomes of the Modern Fairies Project. Carolyne Larrington, Fay Hield 22 Sep 2020
37 Diversity in the arts: why languages need to be part of the conversation Many languages and dialects spoken in British homes rarely make it onto the stage. In this episode of LinguaMania, we explore why linguistic diversity in the arts matters. Rajinder Dudrah, Mojisola Adebayo, Philip Bullock, Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo 29 May 2020
38 Creative Commons Artistic Movements: Music, Popular Painting and Cultural Exchanges on the central African Copperbelt Enid Guene delivers paper at 'Cultural Production in Africa's Extractive Communities' workshop. Enid Guene 14 Dec 2019
39 Discovering Music Many people love classical music heard on the radio or in concert. But they know less about the manuscripts that performers use, and that show us how the composer created their music. Jo Bullivant 10 Dec 2019
40 Chineke! Championing Change and Celebrating Diversity in Classical Music Chineke! Founder Chi Chi Nwanoku OBE talks about her orchestra of majority BME musicians. Chi Chi Nwanoku OBE, Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey 20 Nov 2019
41 Delius and the Sound of Place Book at Lunchtime: Delius and the Sound of Place Daniel Grimley, Philip Bullock, Peter Franklin, Alexandra Harris 28 Jun 2019
42 Singing in the Age of Anxiety Laura will be joined an expert panel to discuss the book and its themes; Dr Benjamin Walton (Jesus, Cambridge), Professor Kate McLoughlin (Harris Manchester, Oxford). Chaired by Professor Philip R. Bullock (Wadham, Oxford). Laura Tunbridge, Kate McLoughlin, Philip Bullock, Benjamin Walton 19 Feb 2019
43 Remembrance: A Concert Excerpts from the Remembrance Concert, which marked the conclusion of the Post-War: Commemoration, Reconstruction, Reconciliation seminar series. Simon Over, Augusta Holmès, Anthony Ritchie, Annabel Drummond 14 Dec 2018
44 Creative Commons Jon Stainsby speaks to Johana Muskalova Jon Stainsby talks to Johana Muskalova about the relationship between music and commemoration and his experience as a performer. Jon Stainsby, Johana Musalkova 31 Jul 2018
45 Creative Commons Anna Leese speaks to Niall Munro Anna Leese speaks to Niall Munro about her personal connections to commemorations of war and the performance of commemorative music. Anna Leese, Niall Munro 31 Jul 2018
46 Creative Commons Simon Over speaks to Rita Phillips Conductor Simon Over talks to Rita Phillips about the performance of commemorative musical works. Simon Over, Rita Phillips 31 Jul 2018
47 Creative Commons Anthony Ritchie speaks to Catherine Gilbert Composer Anthony Ritchie talks to Catherine Gilbert about the relationship between music, war and remembrance in his oratorio Gallipoli to the Somme. Anthony Ritchie, Catherine Gilbert 31 Jul 2018
48 Creative Commons Interview with Lord William Wallace Lord William Wallace, member of the Parliament Choir, talks to Professor Kate McLoughlin about the centenary commemorations of the First World War. William Wallace, Kate McLoughlin 30 Jul 2018
49 Jonathan Dove speaks to Kate McLoughlin Composer Jonathan Dove talks to Kate McLoughlin about commemorating through music and music’s power to make us remember in the wake of individual and mass loss. Jonathan Dove, Kate McLoughlin 18 Jun 2018
50 Interview with Dr Peter Grant Peter Grant talks to Johana Musalkova and Rita Phillips about the link between collective memory and popular music, exploring examples of artists who attempt to challenge dominant national narratives. Peter Grant, Johana Musalkova, Rita Phillips 18 Jun 2018
51 Laura Hassler speaks to Kate McLoughlin Laura Hassler, Founding Director of Musicians without Borders, talks to Kate McLoughlin about her vision for the organisation and music’s potential in giving voice, recognition and empowerment to post-conflict communities. Laura Hassler, Kate McLoughlin 18 Jun 2018
52 Rihab Azar speaks to Niall Munro Musician Rihab Azar talks to Niall Munro about her quest to find new ways of empowering and connecting communities through music and how music functions as a ‘resistance act’ in situations of (post-)conflict. Rihab Azar, Niall Munro 18 Jun 2018
53 Rihab Azar – Oud Performance Syrian musician Rihab Azar gives a short performance at the Music and Memory workshop. Rihab Azar 25 May 2018
54 Music and Memory: Panel-led Workshop 1 This workshop brought together musicians and scholars to elicit the distinct contribution of music – as opposed to silence and non-musical sound – to commemoration and healing. Kate Kennedy, Peter Grant, Laura Hassler, Rihab Azar 21 May 2018
55 Music and Memory: Jonathan Dove in Conversation with Kate Kennedy Award-winning composer Jonathan Dove talks to Dr Kate Kennedy about the relationship of his music to war and remembrance. Jonathan Dove, Kate Kennedy 21 May 2018
56 Reading Bass Culture On 26 April 2018, Linton Kwesi Johnson read from a selection of his poetry and discussed with Professor Paul Gilroy the inter-generational and transatlantic relationships that had nurtured it. Linton Kwesi Johnson, Paul Gilroy, Louisa Layne 16 May 2018
57 Teaching the Codex 5: Teaching Music Palaeography 2 Margaret Bent (Oxford) speaks at the 2017 Teaching the Codex Colloquium about music palaeography in the classroom. Margaret Bent 10 Apr 2018
58 Singing the Reformation in English A Historical and Practical Introduction to Miles Coverdale’s Goostly Psalmes and Spirituall Songes by Henrike Lähnemann, Chair of Medieval German Literature and Linguistics and Fellow of St Edmund Hall. Henrike Lähnemann 15 Nov 2017
59 Why play Opera at all? Stephen Langridge explains why, in his view, opera is still a relevant and important art form. Stephen Langridge; Michael Burden 14 Nov 2017
60 Music, Empathy and Cultural Understanding In this TORCH Talk, Professor Eric Clarke talks about 'Music, Empathy and Cultural Understanding' at the Ashmolean Museum's Supersonic LiveFriday. Eric Clarke 04 Jul 2017
61 Orchestral Musicians' Experiences: Inside Out In this TORCH Talk, Dr Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey presents on 'Orchestral Musicians' Experiences: Inside Out' at the Ashmolean Museum's Supersonic LiveFriday. Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey 04 Jul 2017
62 Creative Commons Recreating the music of an ancient Greek chorus: Euripides Orestes Research into ancient music. Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, Armand O Angour 23 Jun 2017
63 Creative Commons Transforming The Operatic Voice Looking at the relationships between philosophy and the creative practice of music. Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, Toby Young 23 Jun 2017
64 Performance of 'Night Dance (Fantasy)' Musicians Dan Hulme and Nick Fowler perform Night Dance (Fantasy) at a recent Live Friday event, held at the Ashmolean Museum on March 3rd 2017. Dan Hulme, Nick Fowler 13 Jun 2017
65 Creative Commons Woman. Alone: Directing Opera Katie Mitchell talks about her time directing Opera. Katie Mitchell, Elaine Kidd, Michael Burden 14 Feb 2017
66 Words for Winter: Tales of Home The event showcases the best of Oxford’s writing. Gathering together tales from all over the globe, of tradition, family, darkness, light and celebration. Pete Salmond, Charlene Pablo, Erica McAlpine, Nancy Campbell 13 Dec 2016
67 Concert at the Mariensee Convent with the Oxford Bach Soloists Concert at the Mariensee Convent with the Oxford Bach Soloists (A lecture-recital tracing the origins of Bach's Cantata 'Christ lag in Todesbanden' (BWV 4) at Mariensee Convent in Northern Germany. Henrike Lähnemann, The Oxford Bach Soloists, Alex Lloyd 05 Dec 2016
68 Shakespeare and Music Alice Harberd, Michael Dobson, Fleur Smith, Adriana Stoiber, and Simon Smith discuss Shakespeare and Music. Alice Harberd, Michael Dobson, Fleur Smith, Adriana Stoiber 25 Jul 2016
69 Creative Commons Linked Data and Leitmotifs – Digitally Researching the Reception of Richard Wagner’s Music-Dramas Carolin Rindfleisch, (Faculty of Music, University of Oxford), gives a talk for the 2016 Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School. Carolin Rindfleisch 07 Jul 2016
70 Creative Commons Histories of the ephemeral: writing on music in the late Mughal world Dr Katherine Butler Schofield speaks at the South Asia Seminar on March 8th, 2016 Katherine Butler Schofield 28 Jun 2016
71 Medieval Song Oxford students discuss medieval songs. Aled Walker, Meghan Quinlan, Joseph Mason 13 May 2016
72 Creative Commons Text in the Social Sciences Session 4: Topic Modeling Félix Krawatzek and Andy Eggers discuss methods to analyse large bodies of text in more systematic and reliable ways. Félix Krawatzek, Andy Eggers 18 Apr 2016
73 Music Iain Morley talks about evidence of music making in the Stone Age and makes a bull roarer. Iain Morley 13 Oct 2015
74 Being a Composer The second in our lecture series for Hilary Term 2015, given in the JCR at Mansfield College by Errollyn Wallen, MBE -- Singer, composer, and musician. Errollyn Wallen 07 Aug 2015
75 The Greece of the East: Writing the History of Music in Meiji Japan A talk from Dr Jonathan Service, Wadham College, Oxford, at the Nissan Institute. Jonathan Service 22 Jun 2015
76 Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, the Anthropology of Dance: Same Difference? Andrée Grau (University of Roehampton) discusses the anthropology of dance and its development as a discipline of anthropology. The talk also reflects on the discipline's neglected figures (27 February 2015) Andrée Grau 27 May 2015
77 Humanities and Science: Randomness and Order An interdisciplinary discussion exploring the role of randomness and order in physics, probability, history and music. Ian Walmsley, Jonathan Cross, Alison Etheridge, Chris Wickham 18 Feb 2015
78 Managing a playing collection Andrew Lamb, Bate Collection of Musical Instruments, gives a talk on how to manage a collection of musical instruments which are fragile but need to be played to understand them. Andrew Lamb 21 Oct 2014
79 Creative Commons Renée Fleming, "In Conversation" Humanitas Visiting Professor in Opera Studies Renée Fleming, in conversation with Edward Seckerson. Renée Fleming, Edward Seckerson 10 Jul 2014
80 Creative Commons Was Schubert a musical brain? Prof. Raymond Tallis deepens his argument against the idea that we are our brains. He believes there is a distinction in kind between humans and other animals. This he illustrates by appeal to the differences between the music of Schubert and the singing Raymond Tallis 07 May 2014
81 Creative Commons The Physics of the Violin Jesse Liu, winner of the the departmental Speaking Competition for undergraduates, gives a short talk on the physics of a violin. Jesse Liu 13 Dec 2013
82 Creative Commons Gustav Klimt and secessionist Vienna Vienna around 1900 witnessed a vital and anxious surge in art, design, literature and music. This creativity also inspired psychological investigations into the inner self and dreams, most famously by Sigmund Freud. Claire O'Mahony 07 Oct 2013
83 Why music matters in your life Imagine a world without music. No music on the radio, no concerts, no musical instruments. No background music in films and television. No music at our weddings, funerals, religious worship or sporting events. Jonathan Darnborough 07 Oct 2013
84 Imogen Cooper: Masterclass Humanitas Visiting Professorship in Classical Music and Music Education, Imogen Cooper, gives a piano masterclass to students. Imogen Cooper 17 Sep 2013
85 Creative Commons In conversation: Music theatre between opera and drama - Contemporary opera, modern staging, bad or good public. Gerard Mortier in conversation with Ashutosh Khandekar, Editor of Opera Now followed by a roundtable discussion with Hugo Shirley, Deputy-Editor of Opera magazine. Gerard Mortier, Ashutosh Khandekar, Hugo Shirley 17 Jun 2013
86 Creative Commons In conversation 'Mozart, our contemporary' Gerard Mortier in discussion with Adeline Mueller, Weston Junior Research Fellow (Music), about Mozart and his influence on Classical music as part of the Humanitas lecture series on Opera Studies. Gerard Mortier, Adeline Mueller 17 Jun 2013
87 Creative Commons The Salzburg Festival - circa 100 years after Hofmannsthal's idea about the festival Gerard Mortier gives a lecture about Opera for the Humanitas lecture series on Opera Studies. Gerard Mortier 17 Jun 2013
88 Peter D McDonald in conversation with Amit Chaudhuri Peter D. McDonald talks to Amit Chaudhuri about his work as a novelist, critic and musician, focusing on his interest in the specificity of the many media he uses and on the challenge of thinking about cultural interconnectedness in new ways. Peter McDonald, Amit Chaudhuri 05 Jun 2013
89 Creative Commons Performance - interpretation or identification? Symposium Symposium with Imogen Cooper actor, Simon Callow, musicologist, Professor Eric Clarke and Professor Jason Stanyek. Imogen Cooper, Simon Callow, Eric Clarke, Jason Stanyek 28 May 2013
90 Creative Commons The Hidden Power of the Re-Creative Process in Music Imogen Cooper, 'Recognized worldwide as a pianist of virtuosity and poetic poise', gives a lecture for the Humanitas lecture series on Classical Music and Music Education. Imogen Cooper 28 May 2013
91 Creative Commons Richard Wagner: 200 Today Lecturer and conductor Dr Paul Coones delivers a lecture celebrating the 200th birthday of Richard Wagner. The talk is preceded by Siegried's Horn Call played by Sophie Dillon and includes the rarely performed Kinder-Katechismus zu Kosel's Geburtstag. Paul Coones 22 May 2013
92 Creative Commons Roger Wright: Controller of the Proms and Radio 3 Roger Wright - Controller of the Proms and Radio 3 and the most powerful broadcaster of Classical Music in Europe - Roger will talk about his career and the challenges of his professional life. Roger Wright 22 Oct 2012
93 Creative Commons Distributed Creativity in Musical Performance Professor Eric F. Clarke gives a talk for the Keble College Creativity series on creativity in musical performances. Eric F Clarke 17 May 2012
94 Creative Commons The Work of Music: Music and Mathematics A talk given at Wolfson College as part of a lecture series entitled "The Work of Music". Timothy Gowers 06 Feb 2012
95 Creative Commons The Work of Music: Music and Psychology A talk given at Wolfson College as part of a lecture series entitled "The Work of Music". Eric Clarke 06 Feb 2012
96 Human Sciences Symposium 2011: The Impact of Exceptional Early Cognitive Environments on Musical Development This presentation by Prof. Adam Ockelford was delivered at the 2011 Human Sciences Symposium on The Musical Brain held on 26 February in Oxford. It focuses on case studies of blind and autistic children. Adam Ockelford 25 Jul 2011
97 Human Sciences Symposium 2011: The Musical Brain - Opening Presentation On 26 February 2011, the Human Sciences Symposium focused on the The Musical Brain and the links between music, evolution and human psychology. This podcast is the opening presentation by Dr Iain Morley on Music and its Evolutionary Context. Iain Morley 25 Jul 2011
98 Creative Commons The Changing face of Art Journalism (1945-2011) Peter Aspden, Arts Writer, Financial Times, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute on 22nd June 2011. Peter Aspden 19 Jul 2011
99 Dept Seminar: Why do Bayaka Pygmies sing so much? In this Anthropology Dept seminar (28 January 2011), Dr Jerome Lewis (University College London) examines the place and cultural transmission of music and sound to the Bayaka Pygmies of the Central African Republic and Congo. Includes examples. Jerome Lewis 18 Mar 2011
100 Creative Commons 7. Musical Expression James Grant, lecturer in philosophy, University of Oxford gives his seventh lecture in the Aesthetics series on the expression of emotion in music. James Grant 15 Mar 2011