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Sally Shuttleworth

Series featuring Sally Shuttleworth

  • TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
  • Humanitas - Visiting Professorships at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge
  • St Anne's College
  • Ada Lovelace Symposium - Celebrating 200 Years of a Computer Visionary
  • Sleep and the Rhythms of Life
# Episode Title Description People Date
11 Creative Commons Dance Music, Wakefulness and Embodied Rhythm – Part 1 What's the relationship between music and the rhythms of our lives? Professor Sally Shuttleworth asks Professor Eric Clarke (Music at University of Oxford) and Michael Diamond (Oxford medical graduate and musician/DJ) to discuss. Sally Shuttleworth, Eric Clarke, Michael Diamond 22 Feb 2024
10 Sleep, Light, Architecture How can a neuroscientist and an architect help us to understand the world of sleep and the rhythms that govern our lives? Russell Foster, Ian Ritchie, Sally Shuttleworth, Ruth Abrahams 12 May 2023
9 Live Event: Invalids on the Move Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities. Sally Shuttleworth, Erica Charters, Philip Bullock 15 Sep 2020
8 Creative Commons A Lost Victorian Utopia: Living to 100 An exploration of a Victorian blue-print for a city of health and happiness, where everyone could live to 100. Sally Shuttleworth 13 Jun 2018
7 Work, Time and Stress: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Stress & overwork in both education and professional life in the Victorian era and the 'dynamic' nature of disability and the impact of the stresses of modern life has. Sally Shuttleworth, Marie Tidball 07 Dec 2017
6 FRIGHT Friday - Fear of Cats and Other Phobias Professor Sally Shuttleworth gives a talk for the FRIGHT Friday series of talks, held in the Ashmolean Museum on 25th November 2016. Sally Shuttleworth 12 Dec 2016
5 Creative Commons Enchantress of Numbers or a mere debugger?: a brief history of cultural and academic understandings of Ada Lovelace To mark the 200th anniversary of Lovelace's birth, Elizabeth Bruton, Museum of the History of Science, reviews and explores academic and popular representations of Ada Lovelace and engage with the controversy of her claim as the first computer programmer. Elizabeth Bruton, Sally Shuttleworth 18 Dec 2015
4 Faith and Wisdom in Science A Book at Lunchtime discussion with Tom McLeish, Sally Shuttleworth, John Christie and Ard A. Louis Tom McLeish, Sally Shuttleworth, John Christie, Ard Louis 19 Feb 2015
3 Diseases of Modern Life Professor Sally Shuttleworth, Head of the Humanities Division, gives a talk for the St Anne's Alumni Weekend 2014 Sally Shuttleworth 15 Oct 2014
2 Science and the Humanities Are the Humanities and the Sciences fundamentally different? Or do they share roots, values, aspirations and a common, contemporary predicament? Howard Hotson, Ian Walmsley, Mark Pagel, Sally Shuttleworth 04 Mar 2014
1 Creative Commons In Conversation: Writing the History of Reason Professor Lorraine Daston in conversation with Professor Sally Shuttleworth. Lorraine Daston, Sally Shuttleworth, John Christie 28 May 2013