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(E4/10) Walking inside University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

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Duration: 0:06:38 | Added: 28 Mar 2023
Down the aisle and into the Nave, back along the north corridor, and out on High Street.

– I like the quiet and calm sound of this room, and also the contrast between this room and the city centre on the outside, with its sound of cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, coffee shops, etc. I love the different sounds when walking around – the different floor tiles, textures, and ceiling heights. The Nave sounds more open and closer to the outside than the rest of the church: I can hear the birds singing, more of the city sounds, and what the weather is like – at least rain and wind. I love that I can take the quietness and calmness with me for a while when I go back out on High Street.

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