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Raymond Tallis

Series featuring Raymond Tallis

  • Humanities at the Department for Continuing Education
  • Death at the Museum
# Episode Title Description People Date
3 'A View from My Corpse' Raymond Tallis gives a TORCH bite-size talk at the Ashmolean Museum's DEADFriday event Raymond Tallis 24 Nov 2015
2 Creative Commons Was Schubert a musical brain? Prof. Raymond Tallis deepens his argument against the idea that we are our brains. He believes there is a distinction in kind between humans and other animals. This he illustrates by appeal to the differences between the music of Schubert and the singing Raymond Tallis 07 May 2014
1 Creative Commons Am I my brain? Prof. Raymond Tallis argues that extraordinary claims have been made for neurophysiology. For example it has been said that a person is nothing but his or her brain. Professor Raymond Tallis rejects this ‘neuromania’. He shows why it is attractive, but al Raymond Tallis 07 May 2014