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Nigel Warburton

Series featuring Nigel Warburton

  • Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
  • Practical Ethics Bites
  • Interviews with Oxonians
  • Journal of Practical Ethics
# Episode Title Description People Date
12 Creative Commons Can you choose to be gay? Brian Earp discusses the ethics of sexual orientation. Brian Earp, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 14 Jul 2015
11 The ethics of sexuality Professor Janet Radcliffe Richards argues that homosexuality is natural, and that what is natural can be neither good nor bad. Janet Radcliffe Richards, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 04 Nov 2014
10 Should we allow genetic engineering on embryos? Does a human embryo have moral status? Tom Douglas explores the ethical issues surrounding genetic research on developing embryos. Tom Douglas, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 28 Oct 2014
9 Is there such a thing as a just war? Is an ethical war a paradoxical notion? If violence is almost always unacceptable, how can we justify acts of war? Jeff McMahan, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 21 Oct 2014
8 The rights and wrongs of abortion Rebecca Roache discusses the conflicting rights and interests of both foetus and mother. Rebecca Roache, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 14 Oct 2014
7 Creative Commons Choosing the sex of your child Is sex-selection harmful or injust? Julian Savulescu outlines four methods used in sex-selection and explores the ethical issues surrounding each. Julian Savulescu, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 06 Oct 2014
6 Creative Commons Free will, and its connection to moral responsibility Professor Neil Levy explores the link between free will and responsibility. What makes us blameworthy for our actions? Neil Levy, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 29 Sep 2014
5 Creative Commons What is virtue ethics? In this episode, Professor Roger Crisp introduces the strand of ethical theory known as 'virtue ethics'. Roger Crisp, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 22 Sep 2014
4 Creative Commons Should euthanasia be legal? Dr Dominic Wilkinson, Director of Medical Ethics at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, explores the ethical issues surrounding euthanasia and asks whether it should be made legal. Dominic Wilkinson, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 22 Jul 2014
3 Creative Commons Justification for Killing in War Nigel Warburton talks with Seth Lazar on the ethics and justification of killing in war Seth Lazar, Nigel Warburton 08 Jan 2014
2 Savulescu interview: Moral Enhancement Nigel Warburton interviews Julian Savulescu on the topic of moral enhancement. Nigel Warburton, Julian Savulescu 01 Jun 2011
1 Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds on Podcasting Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds, the hosts of the highly successful podcasting series 'Philosophy Bites', talk about podcasting. Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds, Oliver Lewis 30 Aug 2008