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Neil Levy

Series featuring Neil Levy

  • Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
  • Practical Ethics Bites
  • Philosophical perspectives on the causes of mental illness
# Episode Title Description People Date
10 2016 Loebel Lectures one day Workshop: Neil Levy To complement Essi Viding's lectures, Developmental risk and resilience: The challenge of translating multi-level data to concrete interventions Neil Levy 23 Aug 2017
9 Implicit Bias and Racism Paper presented by Neil Levy at the MT16 Oxford-Valencia Neuroethics Workshop. Neil Levy 23 Nov 2016
8 St Cross Seminar: Cognitive Enhancement: Defending the Parity Principle In this episode, Professor Neil Levy assesses objections to cognitive enhancement and argues that the means don't matter from a moral perspective: what matters is how the intervention affects cognition. Neil Levy 17 Mar 2016
7 Creative Commons Leverhulme Lecture 2: Moral Responsibility and Implicit Bias The second of the two 2016 Leverhulme Lectures by Professor Neil Levy on the topic of implicit bias Neil Levy 23 Feb 2016
6 Creative Commons Leverhulme Lecture 1: The Nature and the Significance of Implicit Bias The first of the two 2016 Leverhulme Lectures by Professor Neil Levy on the topic of implicit bias Neil Levy 23 Feb 2016
5 Creative Commons 2015 Leverhulme Lecture (3): Marshmallows and Moderation Is self-control a character trait or should we look to external props for self-control? Neil Levy 10 Mar 2015
4 Creative Commons 2015 Leverhulme Lecture (2): The Science of Self-Control This lecture outlines some of the main perspectives on self-control and its loss stemming from recent work in psychology. Neil Levy 09 Mar 2015
3 Creative Commons 2015 Leverhulme Lecture (1): Self-Control: A problem of self-management Self-control problems typically arise from conflicts between smaller sooner and larger later rewards. Neil Levy 04 Mar 2015
2 Creative Commons Free will, and its connection to moral responsibility Professor Neil Levy explores the link between free will and responsibility. What makes us blameworthy for our actions? Neil Levy, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 29 Sep 2014
1 Creative Commons Uehiro Seminar: Psychopaths and responsibility Neil Levy explores some of the previous debates about whether psychopaths are fully responsible for their wrongdoing, especially work on the moral/conventional distinction. Neil Levy 26 Feb 2013