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Brian Earp

Series featuring Brian Earp

  • Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
  • Practical Ethics Bites
# Episode Title Description People Date
4 Creative Commons Solving the Replication Crisis in Psychology: Insights from History and Philosophy of Science In this episode, Brian Earp discusses the 'Reproducibility Project' and questions whether psychology is in crisis or not. Brian Earp 27 Jun 2017
3 Creative Commons Can you choose to be gay? Brian Earp discusses the ethics of sexual orientation. Brian Earp, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 14 Jul 2015
2 Creative Commons The Ethics of Infant Male Circumcision In this talk, I argue that non-therapeutic circumcision of infants is unethical, whether performed for reasons of obtaining possible future health benefits, for reasons of cultural transmission, or for reasons of perceived religious obligation. Brian Earp 27 Jun 2013
1 Creative Commons If I could just stop loving you: Anti-love drugs and the ethics of a chemical break-up Emotional pain and difficulty in relationships is potentially dangerous and destructive. In this talk, I explore some of the potential uses and misuses of anti-love biotechnology from a scientific and ethical perspective. Brian Earp 04 Dec 2012