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Dominic Wilkinson

Series featuring Dominic Wilkinson

  • Practical Ethics Bites
  • Openness at Oxford
  • From Conscience to Robots: Practical Ethics Workshops
  • Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
  • Thinking Out Loud: leading philosophers discuss topical global issues
# Episode Title Description People Date
7 Creative Commons Should we give COVID vaccines to young children? Katrien Devolder and Dominic Wilkinson explore reasons why some parents are vaccine-hesitant Katrien Devolder, Dominic Wilkinson 10 May 2022
6 Creative Commons Past the Peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Triage of Non-Covid-19 patients Katrien Devolder interviews Dominic Wilkinson. Dominic Wilkinson, Katrien Devolder 01 Jun 2020
5 Creative Commons Allocating intensive care beds and balancing ethical values Practical medical ethics symposium: Rationing responsibly in an age of austerity Dominic Wilkinson 22 Nov 2018
4 Sleep softly: Ethics, Schubert and the value of dying well An inter-disciplinary collaboration on music, mortality and ethics. Dominic Wilkinson 08 Jun 2018
3 Conscientious non-objection and medical dissensus in intensive care A conference on conscientious objection in medicine and the role of conscience in healthcare practitioners’ decision making, Oxford 2015. Dominic Wilkinson 07 Dec 2015
2 Creative Commons Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics on Public Engagement Julian Savulsecu and Dominic Wilkinson discuss the efforts of the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics to encourage and support debate on practical ethics through its open events and online materials. Julian Savulescu, Dominic Wilkinson 15 Jul 2015
1 Creative Commons Should euthanasia be legal? Dr Dominic Wilkinson, Director of Medical Ethics at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, explores the ethical issues surrounding euthanasia and asks whether it should be made legal. Dominic Wilkinson, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 22 Jul 2014