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IT Services

Oxford University IT Services is located at Dartington House in Wellington Square, among other locations, and offers facilities, training and advice to members of the University in all aspects of academic computing, as described in our Mission Statement. IT Services is responsible for the core networks reaching all departments and colleges.

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Case Studies In Innovative Practice
Christmas Stories from Oxford University
Data visualisation and the future of academic publishing
E-Learning Podcasts
Engage: Social Media Talks
Exploring Spoken Word Data in Oral History Archives
First World War Poetry Digital Archive
First World War: New Perspectives
Interviews with Oxonians
Learning Technology at Oxford
Learning Technology Resources
Mandela at Oxford
MediaPub training
Openness at Oxford
Oxford on Film: From Attic to Archive
Podcasting Conference at Oxford University
Poetry Slam
RunCoCo - Beyond Collections: Crowdsourcing for public engagement
Running a Community Collection Online
Safer Internet Day 2014
Sebastian Rahtz, a celebration of his work
The Museums of Oxford
The Oxford Climate Forum
The Oxford Year
Towards Low Carbon ICT
University Life
Vice Chancellor's Welcome
Women in Science
# Episode Title Description People Date
122 Creative Commons University of Oxford summit for Safer Internet Day 2014 Dr Stuart Lee, introduces the University of Oxford's summit for Safer Internet Day 2014 about the challenges of online harassment and bullying. Stuart Lee 18 Feb 2014
121 The Importance of Education to Freedom and Equality A speech given by the late Nelson Mandela on 13th April 2002 at the opening of the "Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre" at the Said Business School, University of Oxford. Nelson Mandela 06 Dec 2013
120 Mandela in 1997 – Ceremony of Welcome Speech This short video is taken from 1997 from a speech made by Nelson Mandela, former South African President, during the Ceremony of Welcome, at Convocation House, University of Oxford, 11th July 1997. Nelson Mandela 06 Dec 2013
119 Creative Commons MediaPub Training A training video for the MediaPub system for adding new podcasts to the University of Oxford media portals. Oxford Podcasts 18 Nov 2013
118 Creative Commons Shot at Dawn How a contemporary photographer is addressing one of the conflict's most sensitive topics. Chloe Dewe Matthews 18 Jul 2013
117 Creative Commons From Owen's Doomed Youth, to his doomed youth Lecture at the event 'Wilfred Owen: From Doomed Youth to the Battle of the Sambre'. Imperial War Museum, 10th November 2012. Jean Moorcroft Wilson 27 Feb 2013
116 Creative Commons From Mametz Wood to The General Lecture on Siegfried Sassoon given at the Imperial War Museum, London, 12th November 2011. Jean Moorcroft Wilson 27 Feb 2013
115 Creative Commons Les Permissionnaires A look at the different experiences of service leave during the First World War (in French). Emmanuelle Cronier 20 Feb 2013
114 Creative Commons Soldiers on Leave A look at the different experiences of service leave during the First World War. Emmanuelle Cronier 20 Feb 2013
113 Creative Commons The Last Phase A discussion on the last phase of the First World War. A talk given at 'Wilfred Owen: From Doomed Youth to Battle of the Sambre', Imperial War Museum, 10th November 2012. Max Egremont 18 Feb 2013
112 Creative Commons The Sandwich that Sabotaged Civilisation Myths and Mistakes. How a well known photograph and an infamous lunch break have shaped our memory of the Sarajevo assassination. Dr Paul Miller 10 Jan 2013
111 Creative Commons Popular fiction in World War One An argument for a more nuanced assessment of the popular literature consumed by the wider public during the First World War. Jane Potter 10 Dec 2012
110 Creative Commons Wartime Art and Grief German women and the aesthetics of loss portrayed through art during the First World War. Claudia Siebrecht 10 Dec 2012
109 Creative Commons Morality in Wartime Britain Dr Edward Madigan from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission considers the issue of morality and the role of the British clergy during the First World War. Edward Madigan 10 Dec 2012
108 Blogging and Twitter Elizabeth Eva Leach, Tutorial Fellow in Music at Oxford, disseminates her research through her blog as well as using Twitter to encourage succinct scholarly exchange. Elizabeth Eva Leach 26 Nov 2012
107 Creative Commons Social Media and your Career How can social media become career tools? In this talk Lucy Hawkins, Careers Adviser at the University of Oxford, reveals the techniques of how to use social media for information gathering, active self-marketing and networking. Lucy Hawkins 26 Nov 2012
106 Creative Commons Copyright in the Digital Age Emily Goodhand is the Copyright and Compliance Officer at the University of Reading. She has a strong Twitter presence as @copyrightgirl and is Vice-Chairman of the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance (LACA). Emily Goodhand 26 Nov 2012
105 Creative Commons Rethinking impact with social media Oxford-based researcher Nando Sigona started his blog "Postcards from..." in 2008. Since then his use of social media has expanded into Twitter and Podcasting to engage wider communities in his research on migration, asylum and minority issues. Nando Sigona 26 Nov 2012
104 Creative Commons Which technologies do Oxford University students use? Melissa Highton, University of Oxford, presents the findings of the DIGE Project which investigated the use of technology by students from Oxford. Melissa Highton 26 Nov 2012
103 Creative Commons Is blogging and tweeting about research papers worth it? Does using social media have an impact on disseminating your research papers? Dr Melissa Terras, UCL, gives her experiences and opinions on this question through her own personal findings. Melissa Terras 21 Nov 2012
102 Creative Commons Conflict Culture How much do we really know about the experience of the average individual soldier? Matthew Leonard 29 Oct 2012
101 Creative Commons The Better Part of Valour Combatant Courage on the Western Front. Edward Madigan 29 Oct 2012
100 Creative Commons Surplus Women The First World War and its impact on emigration, work and marriage. Rosemary Wall 29 Oct 2012
99 Creative Commons The Indian Sepoy in the First World War The role of India and the Indian Sepoy in the First World War. Santanu Das 29 Oct 2012
98 Creative Commons Rethinking British Volunteerism in 1914: A Rush to the Colours? The British response to the outbreak of War in 1914. Catriona Pennell 29 Oct 2012
97 Creative Commons The Historian and the Centenary Important questions, problems, and challenges pertaining to the role historians and scholars will play in the centenary of the First World War. Pierre Purseigle 29 Oct 2012
96 Creative Commons Some people visit the Web. Other people live there. Using his own research on what motivates individuals to become more 'Resident' online, David White will explore the pros and cons of developing a professional online persona and what it takes to get started. David White 18 Oct 2012
95 Creative Commons Would you blog the truth? Peter Gill discusses the power of the blog for knowledge exchange and communicating the truth behind health research findings to wider audiences. Peter Gill 18 Oct 2012
94 Creative Commons What does Marcus du Sautoy do with Social Media? At the launch of the 'Engage' programme, Professor Marcus du Sautoy discusses the role that digital technologies play in his work as the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University. Marcus du Sautoy 18 Oct 2012
93 Creative Commons Weblearn: Improving Admin Dr Claire Aland, Director of Anatomy at University of Oxford, talks about how the WebLearn Sign Up tool has galvanised the organisation of anatomy demonstration at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics. Claire Aland 24 Aug 2012
92 Creative Commons Europeana 1914-1918: Community Collection Alun Edwards, Manager for RunCoCo, University of Oxford, discusses the value of crowd-sourcing and public engagement in the Europeana 1914-1918 project to digitise First World War memorabilia. Alun Edwards 24 Aug 2012
91 Creative Commons 23 Things: Oxford Laura Wilkinson and Penny Schenk, librarians at the University of Oxford and members of the 23 Things Oxford Team, talk about their blog-based training programme to teach Web 2.0 skills to Oxford librarians. Laura Wilkinson, Penny Schenk 24 Aug 2012
90 Creative Commons Student Innovation: the LHSee app Chris Boddy, a Physics DPhil candidate at University of Oxford, talks about how he developed a smartphone app to explain the complex images produced by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Chris Boddy 21 Aug 2012
89 Blogging to Engage: Politics in Spires Kate Candy, Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford University, explains the cross-institutional blog, Politics in Spires, which aims to share thoughts on Politics and International Relations with the subject community. Kate Candy, A. Blake Ewing 02 Mar 2012
88 Assessment for Learning: Using Mobile Polls in the Classroom Dr Helen Christian describes her use of the audience response system via the WebLearn Polls Tool and Mobile Oxford supplied for free by Oxford University. Helen Christian 15 Feb 2012
87 Creative Commons Blended Learning in Cross-Disciplinary Programmes: WebLearn Dr Adrian Stokes explains how the systematic use of Weblearn, the university's VLE, has led to a sustainable and efficient framework for blended learning. Adrian Stokes 09 Feb 2012
86 Creative Commons Student Innovation: Developing Mobile Apps for learning Helen Ginn, a Biochemistry undergraduate at Magdalen College, talks about how she developed a mobile app to serve a specific niche task. Helen Ginn 01 Feb 2012
85 Creative Commons Using Agent-based Modelling to think about Complex Systems The Modelling4All project at the University of Oxford have developed the BehaviourComposer tool to enable scholars to create agent-based models, opening up this area of investigation to much wider audiences in teaching, learning, research and outreach. Ken Kahn, Howard Noble, Angela McLean, Samir Bhatt 25 Jan 2012
84 Creative Commons Supporting Tutorials: Using Weblearn Revd Dr James Robson at Wycliffe Hall has used WebLearn, the University's Virtual Learning Environment, for tutoring and supporting his students in their learning and formation. James Robson 18 Jan 2012
83 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - The Sequel Debate and discussion about academic crowdsourcing and community content in the UK and beyond, with highlights and interesting ideas from the day. Alastair Dunning, Stuart Lee, Chris Batt 27 May 2011
82 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - A Nursery Rhyme Melissa Highton (Oxford University Computing Services) examines how Oxford's crowdsourced and community collections of open educational resources are supported and embedded in practice for sustainability. Melissa Highton 26 May 2011
81 Beyond 2011 - A Saga of Creativity Gail Durbin (Victoria and Albert Museum) examines how a nationally focused museum can use its web presence to foster the interest and expertise of users, as well as sharing its own authoritative information? Gail Durbin 26 May 2011
80 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - A Cautionary Tale Arfon Smith (University of Oxford) presents the experience of the Zooniverse team with their citizen science and crowdsourcing efforts and the changing role of the citizen scientist. Arfon Smith 26 May 2011
79 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - A Road Movie Alun Edwards and Stuart Lee (Oxford University Computing Services) present their experiences of running public participation days in Germany to gather everyday objects from World War I. Alun Edwards, Stuart Lee 26 May 2011
78 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - Choose Your Own Adventure 'Time Travels' from the creator of How To Be A Retronaut and inventor of the Retroscope, and a leader of Museumpreneurs. Chris Wild 26 May 2011
77 Beyond 2011 - Character Journey The story of the super-transcribers involved in the project to understand the thousands of manuscripts of Jeremy Bentham. Valerie Wallace, Tim Causer 26 May 2011
76 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - "...apart from that he was completely naked" and other stories of the amazing everyday in the community Chris Morgan 'Mog' (University of Glamorgan, GEECS) presents on the Communities 2.0 digital inclusion project and the collection of digital stories that community members make. Chris Morgan 26 May 2011
75 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - Keynote: Tales of Big Society Beyond 2011 Keynote presentation from Robert Ashton, author of The Barefoot Entrepreneur. Robert Ashton 26 May 2011
74 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - Introduction: Once Upon a Time... Melissa Highton, Head of the Learning Technologies group at Oxford University Computing Services opens the conference. She referred to the themes of earlier Beyond conferences, and introduced today's theme "Beyond Collections". Melissa Highton 26 May 2011
73 Garr Reynolds on Presentations Conversation with Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen. Garr Reynolds 08 Feb 2011
72 Creative Commons Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, text of the edition by J. R. R. Tolkien and E. V. Gordon. 2nd ed., ed. Norman Davis. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1967. Anonymous 23 Dec 2010
71 Creative Commons Twas The Night Before Christmas 'Twas The Night Before Christmas. A Visit from St. Nicholas. By Clement C. Moore. Clement Moore 22 Dec 2010
70 Creative Commons A Christmas Carol A Christmas carol in prose: being a ghost story of Christmas. By Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870. Charles Dickens 21 Dec 2010
69 Ways out of the Climate-Finance-Energy Triple Crunch Jeremy Leggett (Founder and CEO, Solar Century) presents the closing keynote speech for the Oxford Climate Forum 2010. Jeremy Leggett 14 Apr 2010
68 Panel debate: Have activists added to the climate change problem? Neil Bowerman gives the opening talk to the debate, have activists added to the climate change problem? Neil Bowerman 14 Apr 2010
67 After Copenhagen: Change Politics, not the Climate Pam Giddy, director of Power 2010, gives a talk for the 2010 Oxford Climate Forum. Pam Giddy 14 Apr 2010
66 Creative Commons The Politics of Climate Change: Problems and Solutions Lord Anthony Giddens gives the opening keynote address to the Oxford Climate Forum, talking about the politics of climate change. Anthony Giddens 14 Apr 2010
65 Creative Commons Alisa Miller: 'Selling Patriotism: Rupert Brooke in the First World War' Alisa Miller takes a look at the 'Rupert Brooke cult', examining why this particular poet was so popular during the First World War, both with the general public and the soldier, at home and abroad. Alisa Miller 26 Jan 2010
64 Tim Kendall: 'Ivor Gurney: First War Poet' Professor Tim Kendall considers what composer and poet Ivor Gurney understood by the phrase 'war poet' and how he saw his own work as belonging to (and eminent amidst) a tradition of writing about war. Tim Kendall 26 Jan 2010
63 An interview with Colin Hughes Colin Hughes, author of David Jones: the man who was on the field (1979), discusses his friendship with poet and artist David Jones and his research on the Battle of Mametz Wood. Colin Hughes, Alun Edwards 26 Jan 2010
62 Mandelson: Enterprise-led Recovery Lord Peter Mandelson gave a key-note speech following an invitation by the Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Said Business School. Lord Peter Mandelson 10 Dec 2009
61 Gargoyles Unveiled Nine new gargoyles for the Bodleian Library, Oxford are unveiled. The gargoyles were designed by children as part of the Millennium Myths and Monsters competition. University of Oxford 08 Oct 2009
60 University Club The University Club provides social, sporting and hospitality facilities for all staff, post-graduates, alumni and retired staff of the university and associated institutions. University of Oxford 08 Oct 2009
59 Vice Chancellor's Welcome A welcome message from Professor Andrew Hamilton, Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford. Andrew Hamilton 30 Sep 2009
58 David Smith on Dementia Professor Smith talks about his research at OPTIMA (Oxford Project To Investigate Memory and Ageing) on dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s and the relation between diet and blood pressure in younger life and dementia in older life. David Smith, Oliver Lewis 17 Aug 2009
57 Creative Commons Peter McDonald on Censorship in South Africa Peter McDonald talks about censorship, its philosophical basis and general history within Apartheid South Africa. Peter McDonald, Oliver Lewis 11 Aug 2009
56 Creative Commons Peter McDonald on Literature Summary: Peter McDonald talks about how he became to be interested in Literature, how he became to be an academic at Oxford and what it is like to study literature at Oxford. Peter McDonald, Oliver Lewis 11 Aug 2009
55 David Willetts on Investment in Sciences at Universities David Willetts MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Universities and Skills, visited the University of Oxford on Thursday 18 June. Here he discusses the importance of investment in the sciences at universities, particularly during an economic downturn. David Willetts 13 Jul 2009
54 Boat Race Naming Ceremony 2009 The 2009 Boat Race naming ceremony. John Bell 28 May 2009
53 Introduction to Sport at Oxford A short introduction to sport at Oxford. University of Oxford 28 May 2009
52 Obama's First 100 Days Orla De Burca interviews Desmond King, Andrew Mellon Professor of American Government, on Barack Obama’s first 100 days as President; discussing Obama’s plans to recover America’s Economy and the success so far of his foreign and domestic plans. Desmond King, Orla De Burca 06 May 2009
51 Poetry Slam: Judges Verdicts The judges deliver their verdicts of the entries for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Steve Larkin, Heidi Vaughan, Bernard O'Donoghue 13 Mar 2009
50 Your Parents' Careers A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Robert Rapoport 13 Mar 2009
49 Untwining A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Antonia Tam 13 Mar 2009
48 One Thing Leads to Another A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Dan Stott 13 Mar 2009
47 Michelangelo A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Jesse Bordwin 13 Mar 2009
46 Letter from a Predator A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Thomas John Stevenson 13 Mar 2009
45 Instant Symphony Mix A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Aisha Mirza 13 Mar 2009
44 Poetic Phonetics A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Christopher Peter Joseph Turner 13 Mar 2009
43 Dia de los Muertos A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Thomas John Stevenson 13 Mar 2009
42 A System of Education A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Christopher Peter Joseph Turner 13 Mar 2009
41 Take a Rectangle A shortlisted entry for the 2009 University of Oxford Online Poetry Slam and Spoken Word Competition. Sophie Duker 13 Mar 2009
40 Second Life and E-Learning Karl Harrison talks to Orla de Burca about the 3D virtual world Second Life, including Oxford's own virtual island and how it is being used to facilitate learning and engaging with students in new ways. Karl Harrison, Orla De Burca 13 Mar 2009
39 7 Keys to the Future Veronica Sartore interviews Ray Hammond about his role as a futurologist and the seven major trends he predicts will affect life throughout the 21st century. Ray Hammond, Veronica Sartore 12 Mar 2009
38 WW1 Poetry Digital Archive Project JISC documentary introducing the WW1 Poetry Digital Archive Project website and providing an overview to the wealth of material available. Kate Lindsay 13 Nov 2008
37 Peter Harrison on Science and Religion Professor Peter Harrison discusses the relationship between science and religion, the myths that surround the relationship, and discusses some of the contentious contemporary issues. Peter Harrison, Oliver Lewis 22 Oct 2008
36 Marc Stears on Radical Political Thought Political theorist Dr. Marc Stears talks about the importance of political theory and describes some of the radical political movements of Britain and the United States. Marc Stears, Oliver Lewis 22 Oct 2008
35 Student Newspapers An introduction to the student newspapers in Oxford. Henry Clarke Price, Rosie Macaulay, Natasha Vashisht, Rebecca Molyneux 18 Sep 2008
34 Bryan Ward-Perkins on the Fall of the Roman Empire Bryan Ward-Perkins, a leading historian of Late Antiquity at Trinity College, Oxford, discusses the transitional period between the fall of Rome and the Middle Ages. Bryan Ward-Perkins, Oliver Lewis 13 Sep 2008
33 Jennifer Lau on Anxiety and Depression in Children Dr Jennifer Lau discusses her research into the development of anxiety and depression in childhood and adolescence. Jennifer Lau, Oliver Lewis 13 Sep 2008
32 Gero Miesenboeck on Fruit Flies and Neuroscience In this podcast, Professor Gero Miesenboeck begins with a discussion of DNA and neuroscience, and then talks about his experiments on the brain of the fruit fly. Gero Miesenboeck, Oliver Lewis 13 Sep 2008
31 The Ashmolean Museum and the Museum of Natural History An introduction to the Ashmolean Museum and the Museum of Natural History. Oxford University 12 Sep 2008
30 Creative Commons Oliver Taplin on Classics Professor Oliver Taplin, an authority on classics and the performance of ancient drama, talks about the subject and his research. Oliver Taplin, Oliver Lewis 12 Sep 2008
29 Adrian Moore on Metaphysics Adrian Moore, Professor of Philosophy at St Hugh’s College, Oxford, explores the definition and origin of metaphysics, and then discusses some of the enduring metaphysical questions. Adrian Moore, Oliver Lewis 12 Sep 2008
28 Irene Tracey on FMRI and Pain Professor Irene Tracey, director of the Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain, explains how MRI works and then talks about her research into people’s perception of pain. Irene Tracey, Oliver Lewis 12 Sep 2008
27 Thomas Helleday on Cancer Professor Helleday explains what cancer is, the problems of treating it, and the success of his own research in developing new treatments. Thomas Helleday, Oliver Lewis 11 Sep 2008
26 Creative Commons John Broome on Rationality John Broome, White's Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Oxford, gives an explanation of reason and rationality, and then discusses his understanding of the 'the normative question'. John Broome, Oliver Lewis 10 Sep 2008
25 Nick Bostrom on Global Catastrophic Risk and Simulation Theory In this podcast, Professor Bostrom, Director of the Future of Humanity Institute, discusses global catastrophic risks and his earlier work on the simulation theory. Nick Bostrom, Oliver Lewis 31 Aug 2008
24 Julian Savulescu on Applied Ethics and Human Enhancement Professor Julian Savulescu, Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, talks about the current and future issues in applied ethics, particularly of the new biosciences. Julian Savulescu, Oliver Lewis 31 Aug 2008
23 Greg Kochanski on Phonetics Dr Greg Kochanski, a Research Fellow at the Oxford University Phonetics Laboratory, talks about how experiments in phonetics are conducted, how we study the history of language, and how speech changes over time. Greg Kochanski, Oliver Lewis 31 Aug 2008