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If I knew then what I know now. Being resourceful and strategic in traversing the science career landscape

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Duration: 0:27:28 | Added: 18 Mar 2014
An inspirational careers talk given to young female science students as part of the 3rd Annual OxFest Symposium 2014 - "WHY SO SLOW? Closing the gender gap in STEM".

OxFEST (Oxford Females in Engineering, Science and Technology) is an Oxford University society founded in 2005. Its initial vision was to promote and support women working in engineering and scientific disciplines within the university and its associated institutes.

Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer is an expert advisor on technical and policy issues for the European Commision and is a founder member of Portia (www.portiaweb.org.uk) and director since 2001, an organisation which aims to advance women in STEM at all levels. In 2009, Portia coordinated an FP7 project on gender in science, genSET (www.genderinscience.org), which led Elizabeth the create the Gender Summit - Europe in 2009, as a platform for dialogue between scientists, policy makers and gender scholars featuring research evidence showing when, why and how gender issues are important in research and innovation quality, and establishing a consensus on what actions are needed to make improvements.

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