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Henry Shue

Series featuring Henry Shue

  • Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict
  • Human Rights and the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Challenges and prospects
  • Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe future generations?: Hilary Term Seminar Series 2011
  • Building Peace 2010 to 2019
# Episode Title Description People Date
8 OxPeace 2019: Peace in the Anthropocene: How to exacerbate conflict by your response to climate change Professor Henry Shue (Oxford) presents 'How to exacerbate conflict by your response to climate change' at OxPeace 2019. Henry Shue 08 Jul 2019
7 OxPeace 2019: Peace in the Anthropocene: Opening Plenary: The situation we are in Dr Isabella Bunn (Human Rights law, Regent's Park College) chairs the opening plenary with Professor Franz Baumann (NYU) and Professor Henry Shue (Oxford). Isabella Bunn, Franz Baumann, Henry Shue 08 Jul 2019
6 Human Rights and a New Global Agenda Panel 2 from the Human Rights and the Post-2015 Agenda Conference. Jaakko Kuosmanen, Henry Shue, Jennifer Welsh, Malcolm Langford 15 Dec 2014
5 Torture and Human Dignity 25 Jan 2013, ELAC/Oxford Martin HRFG Programme Discussion Event with Professors David J. Luban, Jeremy Waldron and Henry Shue, chaired by Dr David Rodin. David Lubin, David Rodin, Jeremy Waldron, Henry Shue 11 Mar 2013
4 Creative Commons A legacy of dangers: Climate failure and future generations The principles that ought to guide our one-way relations with future generations depend profoundly on the precise nature of what is being provided to or - in this case, inflicted on - them. Henry Shue 09 Feb 2011
3 Creative Commons Ethics Under Fire Dr David Rodin (ELAC), Wg Cdr Ash Mitchell (Defence Academy of the UK), Dapo Akande (ELAC and Law, Oxford) and Prof Henry Shue (Philosophy, Oxford) give a talk for the Centre for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict seminar series. David Rodin, Ash Mitchell, Dapo Akande, Henry Shue 14 Jun 2010
2 Proportionality and the Laws of War: Conflicting Interpretations Prof. Thomas Hurka, Prof. Henry Shue, and Dr. David Rodin debate conflicting interpretations of proportionality and their relation to the laws of war. Thomas Hurka, Henry Shue, David Rodin 08 May 2009
1 Indiscriminate Disproportionality: Another Attempt at Rules with Teeth Prof. Henry Shue (Oxford) provides a moral reflection on international law by looking at the concept of proportional conduct in armed conflict. The discussant is Janina Dill (Oxford). Henry Shue 17 Feb 2009