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Dapo Akande

Series featuring Dapo Akande

  • Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict
  • Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminars
  • Oxford Martin School: Public Lectures and Seminars
  • Human Rights and the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Challenges and prospects
  • Public International Law Discussion Group (Part II)
  • Bonavero Institute of Human Rights
  • Changing Character of War
# Episode Title Description People Date
14 International Criminal Court: Appeal against the decision under article 87(7)of the Rome Statute on the non-compliance by Jordan with the request by the Court for the arrest and surrender of Omar Al-Bashir (ICC- 02/05-01/09 OA2) 6 May 2019 Session 1 of the Law and Politics in Three Courts conference Friday 8th November 2019 Catherine O’Regan, Dapo Akande, Evelyne Asaala, Dire Tladi 20 Dec 2019
13 The Law and Practice of Cross-border Humanitarian Relief Operations: Syria as Case Study Dapo Akande and Emanuela-Chiara Gilliard from ELAC (Oxford) discuss humanitarian relief in Syria Dapo Akande, Emanuela-Chiara Gilliard 29 Apr 2019
12 The Alseran Ruling One Year On; Session 2: A Critical Assessment of Recent Investigations and Prevention Efforts On the first anniversary of the Alseran ruling, where it was found that detainees in British military custody in Iraq had suffered inhuman and degrading treatment, and had been unlawfully detained. Thomas Obel Hansen, Elizabeth Stubbins Bates, Dapo Akande 25 Feb 2019
11 The Oxford Guidance on the Law Relating to Humanitarian Relief Operations in Armed Conflict The provision of life-saving assistance to people affected by armed conflict lies at the heart of humanitarian actors’ operations... Dapo Akande, Emanuela-Chiara Gillard 05 Dec 2017
10 Book Launch: 'East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity' Prof Philippe Sands (QC) presents his new book in a colloquium with Prof Dapo Akande and Dr Stephen Humphreys in the OTJR series. Philippe Sands, Dapo Akande, Stephen Humphreys 13 Apr 2017
9 Integrating Challenges of Armed Conflict and Insecurity Panel 5 from the Human Rights and the Post-2015 Agenda Conference. The views expressed in this presentation are personal and not those of the individual’s institution. Dapo Akande, Keith Krause, Tom Wheeler 15 Dec 2014
8 Creative Commons Killing with computers - the ethics of autonomous and remote controlled weapon Remote controlled and autonomous robotic weapons are bringing new levels of complexity to modern warfare. It's when such robots are designed as lethal weapons that the threshold for moral justification gets higher. Alex Leveringhaus, Dapo Akande, Bennett Foddy 22 May 2013
7 The ICC at 10 ELAC Panel Discussion with Professor Jennifer Welsh, Dr David Rodin, Janina Dill and Dapo Akande (ELAC)on 20th May 2012. Jennifer Welsh, David Rodin, Dapo Akande, Janina Dill 23 May 2012
6 The Legacy of 9/11 Panel discussion from the oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict on The Legacy of 9/11. Jennifer Welsh, David Rodin, Dapo Akande 25 Oct 2011
5 Immunities of State Officials, International Crimes and Foreign Domestic Courts Dapo Akande, Lecturer in Public International Law; Co-Director, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC), University of Oxford gives a talk for the Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminar Series. Dapo Akande 11 Feb 2011
4 Creative Commons Ethics Under Fire Dr David Rodin (ELAC), Wg Cdr Ash Mitchell (Defence Academy of the UK), Dapo Akande (ELAC and Law, Oxford) and Prof Henry Shue (Philosophy, Oxford) give a talk for the Centre for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict seminar series. David Rodin, Ash Mitchell, Dapo Akande, Henry Shue 14 Jun 2010
3 Creative Commons Do International Criminal Courts Strengthen Justice on the Ground in Post-Conflict Societies? Prof Jane Stromseth (Georgetown University) gives a talk for the Centre for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict seminar series. With Dapo Akande (ELAC). Jane Stromseth, Dapo Akande 14 Jun 2010
2 War Crimes Trials, Solemnity and the Problem of Evil Prof Gerry Simpson (LSE / University of Melbourne) gives a talk for the Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict Seminar Series on the 2nd of March 2010 with Dapo Akande. Gerry Simpson, Dapo Akande 14 Jun 2010
1 War and Love: The Role of Special Relationships in the Ethics of War Dr Seth Lazar gives a talk for the ELAC Hilary Term 2010 seminar series. This series is co-hosted by the ELAC and the University of Oxford Programme on the Changing Character of War (CCW). Dapo Akande is the discussant. Seth Lazar, Dapo Akande 18 Feb 2010