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Jeremy Waldron

Series featuring Jeremy Waldron

  • Politics and International Relations Podcasts
  • The Engagement of Theory
  • Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict
# Episode Title Description People Date
5 'David Miller’s Political Philosophy' Panel 4 This panel includes two talks: 'Miller on Human Rights' and 'The Right to Drive People Away.' This conference was held to honour David Miller's contribution to political philosophy. Christopher Heath Wellman, Jeremy Waldron, Alice Baderin 14 Oct 2015
4 Creative Commons Launch of Constitutional Studies Programme Marking the launch of Oxford's Constitutional Studies Programme, which seeks to increase the amount of interdisciplinary cooperation between law and political science in the field of constitutional studies. Scot Peterson, Elizabeth Frazer, Nick Barber, Iain McLean 07 Apr 2014
3 Creative Commons Prisoners, Felons, and the Right to Vote Jeremy Waldron talks about what the right to vote is, and isn't, and how it applies to those in the penal system Jeremy Waldron, Elizabeth Frazer 04 Apr 2014
2 Torture and Human Dignity 25 Jan 2013, ELAC/Oxford Martin HRFG Programme Discussion Event with Professors David J. Luban, Jeremy Waldron and Henry Shue, chaired by Dr David Rodin. David Lubin, David Rodin, Jeremy Waldron, Henry Shue 11 Mar 2013
1 Creative Commons Unbinding the Executive: The Challenge to Liberal Legalism Professor Jeremy Waldron, Chichele Professorship of Social and Political Theory at Oxford, delivers the keynote address for the Inaugural Oxford Graduate Conference in Political Theory. The conference theme was Political Theory and the Liberal Tradition. Jeremy Waldron 04 Oct 2012