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Thinking Out Loud: leading philosophers discuss topical global issues

Thinking Out Loud provides audio-podcasts based on a series of videos produced by Katrien Devolder in which she talks to leading philosophers from around the world on topics related to practical ethics. The podcast and videos are meant for a non-specialist audience. You can watch the videos on the Practical Ethics Channel. Katrien is a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.

# Episode Title Description People Date
17 Creative Commons When does (or did) the Covid-19 pandemic end? Katrien Devolder interviews Erica Charters, Professor of the Global History of Medicine at the University of Oxford Erica Charters, Katrien Devolder 04 Oct 2022
16 Creative Commons How to understand, and interact with, AI Professor Peter Railton presents his take on how to understand, and interact with, AI Peter Railton, Katrien Devolder 04 Oct 2022
15 Creative Commons Should we give COVID vaccines to young children? Katrien Devolder and Dominic Wilkinson explore reasons why some parents are vaccine-hesitant Katrien Devolder, Dominic Wilkinson 10 May 2022
14 Creative Commons Defending the selective restriction of liberty during pandemics Katrien Devolder and Julian Savulescu discuss the ethics of lockdowns Katrien Devolder, Julian Savulescu 10 May 2022
13 Is vaccine nationalism justified? Katrien Devolder and Jonathan Pugh discuss vaccine nationalism Katrien Devolder, Jonathan Pugh 10 May 2022
12 Factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics Katrien Devolder and Aaron Gross discuss the link between factory farm and zoonotic diseases. Aaron Gross 09 Nov 2021
11 Should we feed our pets a vegan diet? Katrien Devolder and Josh Milburn discuss whether it's ethical - and possible - to feed our pets a vegan diet. Josh Milburn, Katrien Devolder 08 Apr 2021
10 How to prevent future pandemics Katrien Devolder and Jeff Sebo on factory farms as breeding grounds for pandemics Jeff Sebo, Katrien Devolder 17 Feb 2021
9 Covid-19: who should be vaccinated first? Katrien Devolder interviews Alberto Giubilini. Alberto Giubilini, Katrien Devolder 24 Sep 2020
8 The Risks of Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps Katrien Devolder interviews Associate Professor Carissa Véliz. Carissa Véliz, Katrien Devolder 24 Sep 2020
7 Why Parental Status Matters When Allocating Scarce Medical Resources Katrien Devolder interviews Moti Gorin. Moti Gorin, Katrien Devolder 24 Sep 2020
6 Fair Access to Covid-19 Treatment in Mexico Philosopher César Palacios-González talks about how corruption and racism in Mexico created serious hurdles for developing federal guidelines for deciding who gets to access scarce medical resources. César Palacios-González, Katrien Devolder 08 Jul 2020
5 Creative Commons Past the Peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Triage of Non-Covid-19 patients Katrien Devolder interviews Dominic Wilkinson. Dominic Wilkinson, Katrien Devolder 01 Jun 2020
4 Creative Commons Is it Permissible for Healthcare Workers to Stop Working if They Lack PPE? Katrien Devolder interviews Udo Schüklenk. Udo Schuklenk, Katrien Devolder 23 Apr 2020
3 Creative Commons Tackling the Cause of the Coronavirus Pandemic An interview with Professor Peter Singer. Peter Singer, Katrien Devolder 20 Apr 2020
2 Creative Commons Triage in an Italian ICU During the Coronavirus Pandemic An interview with Dr Marco Vergano. Marco Vergano, Katrien Devolder 20 Apr 2020
1 Creative Commons How the Coronavirus Pandemic Exacerbates Existing Inequalities An interview with Dr Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra. Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra, Katrien Devolder 21 Apr 2020