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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 A Vital Practice: Translating Narrative Prothesis in Émile Zola’s L’Assommoir Magdala Jeudy demonstrates her practice of translation with an episode from Emile Zola's L'Assommoir that raises many questions about conscious and unconscious translation practices. Magdala Lissa Jeudy 12 Feb 2024
2 Conference Highlights A short film highlighting the two day Translation and Medical Humanities Conference 2023 Trish Greenhalgh, Nicola Gardini, Charles Briggs, Mona Baker 04 Jan 2024
3 Into the Translation Zone Marta Arnaldi introduces the idea that medical humanities is a fundamentally translational field. This vision reshuffle, and invites us to rethink, our beliefs of what counts as science, practice, and/or knowledge. Marta Arnaldi 04 Jan 2024
4 I shiver a little, I shudder a little:” Gist Translation and Uncanny Bodily Knowledges A moving scholarly exploration and poetic performance. Alison Phipps, Tawona Sitholé 04 Jan 2024
5 Working Knowledge and the Duality of Uncertainty: Translating Heterogeneous Knowledge Networks in Long Covid Clinics In this keynote speech, Trish Greenhalgh uses ideas of translation to analyse, make sense of, and bring under a unified lens the heterogenous knowledge networks at play in long-covid clinics. Trish Greenhalgh 03 Jan 2024
6 Conversations Across the Translational Medical Humanities The speakers outline the possibilities and implications catalysed by rethinking translation and medical humanities as continuous, ever-changing, and synergistic fields. Marta Arnaldi, Charles Briggs, Charles Forsdick, John Ødemark 03 Jan 2024
7 Translating Symbolism into Precision Medicine A fascinating exploration of the likenesses between cellular and verbal communication, and their impact on the insurgence of disease. Banafshé Larijani 03 Jan 2024
8 Health Rhymes with Death Nicola Gardini challenges the idea that health is the opposite of disease. Nicola Gardini 03 Jan 2024
9 Translation and Medical Humanities: Personal Narratives, Scholarly Journeys, and Visions The speakers share their disciplinary journeys (and crossings) by outlining the ways in which they came to research translation and medical humanities independently and collaboratively, as separate areas and as a unified field. Marta Arnaldi, Eivind Engebretsen, Charles Forsdick, John Ødemark 03 Jan 2024
10 Health, Ecology and Activism: The Dark Side of Translation Mona Baker’s key note examines the work of recently founded groups of volunteer translators who focus on the intersection of health and the environment. Mona Baker 03 Jan 2024
11 Medical Humanities’ Translational Core: Remodeling the Field Marta Arnaldi helps us imagine medical humanities as a fundamentally translational field. She envisions ways of thinking translationally about health and disease, while also pinpointing potential risks and likely areas of failure. Marta Arnaldi 03 Jan 2024
12 Bodies in Translation: Towards a Translational Medical Humanities Professor John Ødemark outlines the key ideas underpinning the Bodies in Translation project and its role in shaping a translational medical humanities imagination. John Ødemark 03 Jan 2024
13 Incommunicable: Toward Communicative Justice in Health and Medicine This keynote lecture approaches issues of translation by decolonizing dominant conceptions of language and medicine. It proposes collaborations aimed at creating incommunicability-free zone that promote communicative justice in health and medicine. Charles Briggs 03 Jan 2024
14 'Poets in Purgatory' Video Contemporary poets read from their translations of the Purgatorio and from their poems about Dante. Jane Draycott, Steve Ellis, Andrew Fitzsimons, Lorna Goodison 17 Dec 2021
15 Episode 3: Approaches to South Asian philosophies Aamir Kaderbhai and Heeyoung Tae interview Mini Chandran, Professor in the department of humanities and social sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, and Parimal Patil, Professor of Religion and Indian Philosophy at Harvard University. Aamir Kaderbhai, Heeyoung Tae, Mini Chandran, Parimal Patil 04 Nov 2021
16 Book at Lunchtime: Born to Write A TORCH Book at Lunchtime webinar on ‘Born to Write: Literary Families and Social Hierarchy in Early Modern France’ by Professor Neil Kenny. Neil Kenny, Caroline Warman, Ceri Sullivan, Wes Williams 29 Jun 2021
17 Book at Lunchtime: Porcelain - Poem on the Downfall of my City TORCH Book at Lunchtime webinar on Porcelain: Poem on the Downfall of my City by Durs Grünbein, translated by Professor Karen Leeder. Durs Grünbein, Karen Leeder, Edmund de Vaal, Patrick Major 25 Jun 2021
18 Translation and Retranslation: priorities, discoveries, pleasures TORCH Goes Digital! presents a series of weekly live events Big Tent - Live Events! Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities. Sasha Dugdale, Oliver Ready, Wes Williams 22 Mar 2021
19 Book at Lunchtime: Sophocles – Antigone and other tragedies TORCH Book at Lunchtime event on Sophocles: Antigone and other tragedies by Professor Oliver Taplin. With panellists Professor Karen Leeder and Dr Lucy Jackson. Oliver Taplin, Karen Leeder, Lucy Jackson, Wes Williams 01 Mar 2021
20 Reconsidering Early Jewish Nationalist Ideologies Semina: Danielle Drori (Oxford): Yosef Klausner in Translation: Zionism and Christianity The second seminar in the Reconsidering Early Jewish Nationalism Sereis. Danielle Drori discusses Zionism and translation, with a focus on Klausner's Life of Jesus Danielle Drori 03 Nov 2020
21 Translating Cultures in an Age of Confinement Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) in conversation with Charles Forsdick (Liverpool). Marta Arnaldi, Charles Forsdick 29 May 2020
22 Creative Commons Why do we need people to translate when we have machine translation? Some people ask why they should bother learning a language when there are online apps and websites which can translate quickly and accurately. Matthew Reynolds, Eleni Philippou, Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, Adriana X Jacobs 01 May 2020
23 Why should we read translated texts? This episode explores what we lose or gain when we read a translated book. Are we missing something by reading the English translation and not the original language version? And what can the translation process tell us about how languages work? Jane Hiddleston, Laura Lonsdale 16 Mar 2020
24 Episode 8: Death Leaves Signs This episode, the final one of this season, features the work of Palestinian poet Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, author-in-residence at Refugee Hosts. Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, Adriana X Jacobs 14 Jun 2019
25 Episode 7: Living Absences In this conversation with Trinidadian Scottish poet Vahni Capildeo, author of Venus as a Bear (2018), we explore the layered, polyphonous histories of the places we pass through and inhabit. Vahni Capildeo, Adriana X Jacobs 07 Jun 2019
26 Episode 2: We Grow out of the Past Interview with UK poet and translator Sasha Dugdale, author of Red House (2011) and Joy (2017) Sasha Dugdale, Adriana X Jacobs 01 May 2019
27 Creative Commons Emily Wilson: A Reading A public reading at the APGRD from November 2017: Emily Wilson (University of Pennsylvania), discusses and reads from her new translation of Homer's Odyssey. Emily Wilson 19 Mar 2019
28 Likenesses: Translation, Illustration, Interpretation The themes raised by Matthew Reynolds' Likenesses: Translation, Illustration, Interpretation will be discussed by Dr Jason Gaiger (Ruskin School), Dr Adriana Jacobs (Oriental Studies) and Dr Nick Halmi (English). Matthew Reynolds, Jason Gaiger, Adriana Jacobs, Nick Halmi 08 Mar 2019
29 Damned if he Does and Damned if he Doesn't? Dilemmas and Decisions in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Simon Armitage lectures on the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Simon Armitage 23 Nov 2018
30 M. NourbeSe Philip on the haunting of history M. NourbeSe Philip reads from She Tries Her Tongue, Her Silence Softly Breaks (1988) and Zong! (2008) as she describes her poetic development. M NourbeSe Philip, Marina Warner, Matthew Reynolds, Elleke Boehmer 25 Aug 2017
31 Translation as Afterlife In this seminar, Marcela Sulak (Bar Ilan University) and Adriana X. Jacobs (Oriental Studies) will explore the possibility of translation as “afterlife” through a discussion of the Hebrew poets Orit Gidali and Hezy Leskly. Marcela Sulak, Adriana X Jacobs 24 Feb 2017
32 “Forgotten Europe”: Translating Marginalised Languages Looking specifically at Modern Greek, Polish, Dutch, and Swedish, this event interrogates what it means to translate and publish marginalised and minor European languages into English. Peter Mackridge, Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Paul Vincent, Sarah Death 10 Feb 2017
33 Between Languages: Working in and out on Translation With Adriana X. Jacobs (Professor of Modern Hebrew Literature), Kasia Szymanska (Junior Research Fellow in Slavonic Studies, University College), chaired by Kate Costello (DPhil candidate in Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature). Adriana X Jacobs, Kasia Szymanska, Kate Costello 30 Nov 2016
34 Literature Beyond Literary Studies: Intermediality and Interdisciplinarity With Professor Ben Morgan (Professor of German) and Peter Hill (Junior Research Fellow in Arabic Literature, Christ Church College), chaired by Karoline Watroba (DPhil candidate in German and Comparative Criticism). Karoline Watroba, Ben Morgan, Peter Hill 01 Nov 2016
35 Les Liaisons dangereuses in 5x5 - Into C21 A conversation about sequels to and e-book and twitter versions of Laclos' Les Liaisons dangereuses. Catriona Seth, Philippa Stockley, Marc Olivier 29 Sep 2016
36 The Oresteia at the Globe Theatre (2015) Director, Adele Thomas, and playwright / translator, Rory Mullarkey, talk about their production of Aeschylus' Oresteia at the Globe Theatre, London in 2015 Adele Thomas, Rory Mullarkey 11 Aug 2016
37 Creative Commons Bible Translation in Germany From Old High German via Martin Luther to Bibel in gerechter Sprache. A whistle stop tour of German Bible translation Henrike Lähnemann, Howard Jones, Daniel Lloyd 03 Mar 2016
38 Extremist Translation and the Deformation Zone Joyelle McSweeney (University of Notre Dame), Johannes Göransson (University of Notre Dame), Dr Adriana X. Jacobs (Oriental Institute), give a talk for the OCCT Translation and Criticism strand. Joyelle McSweeney, Johannes Göransson, Adriana X Jacobs 24 Jul 2015
39 Lunchtime talk with Italian journalist Antonio Armano Cultural journalist and a writer.Antonio Armano in conversation with Valentina Gosetti. Antonio Armano, Valentina Gosetti 23 Jun 2015
40 Rubble Flora: Volker Braun Poetry Reading The German poet gives a special reading of old and new work and answers questions with David Constantine and Karen Leeder. Volker Braun, David Constantine, Karen Leeder 20 May 2015
41 Translation and Ekphrasis: Dante and the visual arts Ekphrasis finds words for paintings and other visual phenomena; translation finds words for other words. But how secure in this distinction, given that language has visual form, and that the visual arts can employ language-like elements? Robin Kirkpatrick, Jas Elsner, Matthew Reynolds, Andrew Klevan 24 Feb 2015
42 Creative Commons Languages of Criticism - Translation and Comparison part two Translation and Comparison. Convener: Dr. Xiaofan Amy Li Clive Holes 17 Dec 2014
43 Unbuttoning Catullus A discussion with Dr Gail Trimble, Prof. Nicola Gardini, Josephine Balmer for the OCCT Translation and Criticism strand. Chaired by Professor Matthew Reynolds Gail Trimble, Nicola Gardini, Josephine Balmer, Matthew Reynolds. 01 Dec 2014
44 Kirmen Uribe - Reading and in discussion with Daniela Omlor and Xon de Ros A reading and discussion from the Translation and Criticism strand, Cultures of Mind-Reading: The Novel and Other Minds Intercultural Literary Practices. Kirmen Uribe, Daniela Omlor, Xon de Ros 14 Nov 2014
45 Creative Commons Languages of Criticism - Translation and Comparison part one Translation and Comparison. Convener: Dr. Xiaofan Amy Li Clive Scott 20 Sep 2014
46 Creative Commons Languages of Criticism - The Practice of Commentary Dr Robert Chard (Oriental Studies) on Commentary and the Confucian Ritual Canon, and Prof Stephen Harrison (Classics) on Commentary and Reception in Classics. Robert Chard, Stephen Harrison 20 Sep 2014
47 Creative Commons Intercultural Literary Practices - Rethinking the Political through Intercultural Aesthetics Salim Bachi is author of Le Chien d’Ulysse (2001), Le Silence de Mahomet (2010), Moi, Khaled Khelkal (2012), and other books. He will read from his work (with a translation provided), and discuss the seminar theme. Other speakers are: Patrick Crowley (Uni Salim Bachi, Patrick Crowley, Mohamed-Salah Omri, Jane Hiddleston 20 Sep 2014
48 Creative Commons Intercultural Literary Practices - Theorising Interculturality Dr. Birgit Kaiser (Utrecht), Prof. Peter McDonald (English), and Prof. Elleke Boehmer (English) Birgit Kaiser, Peter McDonald, Elleke Boehmer 20 Sep 2014
49 Creative Commons Translators and Writers - Translation and Fictionality Peter Ghosh and Jonathan Katz on Translation and Fictionality Peter Ghosh, Jonathan Katz, Patrick McGuinness 20 Sep 2014
50 Creative Commons Translators and Writers - Poetry and the Act of Translation Prof Patrick McGuinness (MML) on pseudo translations and Dr Adriana X Jacobs (Oriental Studies) on rogue translations. Respondent: Kasia Szymanska. Patrick McGuinness, Adriana X Jacobs, Kasia Szymanska 20 Sep 2014
51 Creative Commons Peter D McDonald in conversation with Daljit Nagra Peter D. McDonald talks to the poet Daljit Nagra about cultural diversity, the contemporary life and history of the English language, the canons of English literature, and translation. Peter McDonald, Daljit Nagra 17 Mar 2014
52 Creative Commons Translations as Literature Matthew Reynolds, Fellow and Tutor in English Language and Literature, Oxford, gives a talk for the 2013 Oxford Alumni Weekend. Matthew Reynolds 29 Oct 2013
53 Creative Commons Translation as Literature Matthew Reynolds, Fellow and Tutor in English Language and Literature, Oxford, gives a talk for the 2013 Oxford Alumni Weekend. Matthew Reynolds 29 Oct 2013
54 Round Table: The Future of Comparative Criticism Matthew Reynolds, Laura Marcus, Mohamed-Salah Omri and Terence Cave on the futures of comparative criticism; followed by discussion. Matthew Reynolds, Laura Marcus, Mohamed-Salah Omri, Terence Cave 22 Oct 2013
55 Another case of heart trouble Oxford Sparks presents a look at how a single change in DNA can cause the human heart to go wrong. Find out more and read about the science behind the animation at www.oxfordsparks.net/animations/heart. Hugh Watkins, Anna Michell 15 Apr 2013
56 Creative Commons Who Translates and for Whom? Fourth part of the What is Translation Podcast series. In this part, the question of who is best placed to translate classic texts; academics, poets, dramatists and who is best placed to receive the translation, students, scholars or the general public. Oliver Taplin, Lorna Hardwick 27 Jul 2010
57 Creative Commons Can Poetry be Translated? Third part of the What is Translation podcast series. In this part, the question of whether poetry be translated. Is there something within the original that is lost in the translation? Oliver Taplin, Lorna Hardwick 27 Jul 2010
58 Creative Commons Is there ever a Faithful Translation? Second part of the What is Translation podcast series. In this part, the question of whether there can be a faithful translation; does the act of translating a text change the meaning of the original is discussed. Oliver Taplin, Lorna Hardwick 27 Jul 2010
59 Creative Commons Is there a Core to Translation? First part of the What is Translation podcast series looking at translation of classical texts. In this part, the question of whether there is a core to translation; is there a central guiding idea to translation is discussed. Oliver Taplin, Lorna Hardwick 27 Jul 2010