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Alexandra Lloyd

Dr Alex Lloyd’s main research interests are in post-1945 literature and film, particularly cultural memory, depictions of children and childhood, and intersections between literature and visual culture. She was awarded her doctorate in 2012. She has published widely on German-language literature and film and is the author of two books: Childhood, Memory, and the Nation: Young Lives under Nazism in Contemporary German Culture (Legenda, 2020; paperback 2023) and Defying Hitler: The White Rose Pamphlets (Bodleian Library Publishing, 2022). Alex teaches German language and literature from the mid-eighteenth to the twenty-first century, in particular post-1945 literature and film.
White Rose Project webpage: http://whiteroseproject.seh.ox.ac.uk/

Series featuring Alexandra Lloyd

  • The Bodleian Libraries (BODcasts)
  • TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
  • Traces of the White Rose
  • Conversations on Kafka
# Episode Title Description People Date
8 Kafka and Comics Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" has been translated into many languages and forms. This podcast explores Peter Kuper's graphic novel. Alexandra Lloyd, Karen Leeder 03 Jun 2024
7 Legacies In this final episode, Tom Herring and Dr Alexandra Lloyd explore the enduring legacies of the White Rose, with contributions from students, academics, and authors working on this remarkable resistance group. Tom Herring, Alexandra Lloyd 21 Feb 2024
6 Part Three - Not In Vain In Part Three, Tom Herring and Dr Alexandra Lloyd explore the final days of the White Rose resisters with poignant excerpts from their last letters to their loved ones. Tom Herring, Alexandra Lloyd 10 Oct 2023
5 Part Two - Your Bad Conscience In Part Two, Tom Herring and Dr Alexandra Lloyd dive deeper into the resistance writings of the White Rose, and find out what happened to Sophie and Hans Scholl following their arrest by the Gestapo. Tom Herring, Alexandra Lloyd 10 Oct 2023
4 Part One - Out Of Reach In Part One, Tom Herring and Dr Alexandra Lloyd take us into the world of the White Rose. We’ll find out who they were, how they were connected, and unpack the question of what led them to resist and ultimately risk everything. Tom Herring, Alexandra Lloyd 10 Oct 2023
3 Traces of the White Rose: Introduction Hosts Tom Herring and Dr Alexandra Lloyd set out what to expect from the series, and introduce the history of the White Rose resistance: five students and a professor who stood up to Nazism and paid with their lives. Tom Herring, Alexandra Lloyd, Jud Newborn, Rebecca Donner 10 Oct 2023
2 Writing and Resistance – The White Rose Pamphlets: A Live Reading At around 11am on Thursday 18 February 1943 two students in Munich were arrested for distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets. By Monday they had been interrogated, tried, and executed along with another member of the resistance circle. Alexandra Lloyd, Eve Mason, Sophie Caws, Sam Thompson 01 Mar 2021
1 Defying Hitler: The White Rose Resistance Group Dr Alexandra Lloyd, Lecturer in German, Magdalen College and St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, gives a talk on the White Rose Resistance Group. Alexandra Lloyd 25 Jun 2019