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Marta Arnaldi

Dr Marta Arnaldi is a Laming Junior Research Fellow at The Queen’s College, University of Oxford, the author of an award-winning poetry collection, and a ballet dancer (RAD). Dr Arnaldi is trained in both comparative literature and medicine, and she is based at the Oxford Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages. Since October 2019, she has been the PI of Translating Illness, an interdisciplinary research project exploring the interplay at work between translation and medicine. The project has been awarded a double research grant from Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund and John Fell Fund, Oxford.

Series featuring Marta Arnaldi

  • Translating Illness
  • Translation and Medical Humanities
# Episode Title Description People Date
10 Into the Translation Zone Marta Arnaldi introduces the idea that medical humanities is a fundamentally translational field. This vision reshuffle, and invites us to rethink, our beliefs of what counts as science, practice, and/or knowledge. Marta Arnaldi 04 Jan 2024
9 Conversations Across the Translational Medical Humanities The speakers outline the possibilities and implications catalysed by rethinking translation and medical humanities as continuous, ever-changing, and synergistic fields. Marta Arnaldi, Charles Briggs, Charles Forsdick, John Ødemark 03 Jan 2024
8 Translation and Medical Humanities: Personal Narratives, Scholarly Journeys, and Visions The speakers share their disciplinary journeys (and crossings) by outlining the ways in which they came to research translation and medical humanities independently and collaboratively, as separate areas and as a unified field. Marta Arnaldi, Eivind Engebretsen, Charles Forsdick, John Ødemark 03 Jan 2024
7 Medical Humanities’ Translational Core: Remodeling the Field Marta Arnaldi helps us imagine medical humanities as a fundamentally translational field. She envisions ways of thinking translationally about health and disease, while also pinpointing potential risks and likely areas of failure. Marta Arnaldi 03 Jan 2024
6 Cinematic Translations: Visualising the Invisible Path of Contagion Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) talks with Kirsten Ostherr (Rice) in another episode of Translating Illness. Marta Arnaldi, Kirsten Ostherr 26 Aug 2020
5 Masks, Vaccine and Cure: Translating Medical Evidence During and After the Pandemic Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) presents another Translating COVID-19 video conversation, with Eivind Engebretsen (Oslo). Marta Arnaldi, Eivind Engebretsen 02 Jul 2020
4 Global Healing: Towards a World Policy of Care The third Translating COVID-19 video conversation, with Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) and Karen Thornber (Harvard). Marta Arnaldi, Karen Thornber 17 Jun 2020
3 Translating Cultures in an Age of Confinement Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) in conversation with Charles Forsdick (Liverpool). Marta Arnaldi, Charles Forsdick 29 May 2020
2 Translating Illness: The Case of COVID-19 Marta Arnaldi (Principal Investigator, Translating Illness, Oxford) in conversation with author Nicola Gardini (Oxford). Marta Arnaldi, Nicola Gardini 15 May 2020
1 We Are Not Good at Translating Lab Science Into New Medicines for Patients Inaugural lecture delivered by Chas Bountra, Professor of Translational Medicine at Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines, and Pro Vice-Chancellor for Innovation, University of Oxford Chas Bountra, Marta Arnaldi, Magdalena Kubiak 22 Jan 2020