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Charles Forsdick

Series featuring Charles Forsdick

  • Translating Illness
  • Translation and Medical Humanities
# Episode Title Description People Date
4 Conference Highlights A short film highlighting the two day Translation and Medical Humanities Conference 2023 Trish Greenhalgh, Nicola Gardini, Charles Briggs, Mona Baker 04 Jan 2024
3 Conversations Across the Translational Medical Humanities The speakers outline the possibilities and implications catalysed by rethinking translation and medical humanities as continuous, ever-changing, and synergistic fields. Marta Arnaldi, Charles Briggs, Charles Forsdick, John Ødemark 03 Jan 2024
2 Translation and Medical Humanities: Personal Narratives, Scholarly Journeys, and Visions The speakers share their disciplinary journeys (and crossings) by outlining the ways in which they came to research translation and medical humanities independently and collaboratively, as separate areas and as a unified field. Marta Arnaldi, Eivind Engebretsen, Charles Forsdick, John Ødemark 03 Jan 2024
1 Translating Cultures in an Age of Confinement Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) in conversation with Charles Forsdick (Liverpool). Marta Arnaldi, Charles Forsdick 29 May 2020