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Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG)

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A Good Science Read
CortexCast - A Neuroscience Podcast
Public Lecture Podcasts from the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
# Episode Title Description People Date
19 A Good Science Read: The Secret Life of the Cuckoo Professor Richard Boyd joins Professor Frances Ashcroft to discuss Cuckoo - Cheating by Nature by Nick Davies. Frances Ashcroft, Richard Boyd 01 Apr 2024
18 Motor neurone disease and iPSCs - Dr. Björn Vahsen In this episode, Katy interviews Björn Vahsen to discuss his ongoing research on Motor neurone disease using iPSCs to co-culture microglia and motor neurons. Katherine Willard, Björn Vahsen, Neddy Kareha 20 Mar 2024
17 A Good Science Read: The importance of Mathematics and Engineering Professor Marcus du Sautoy joins Professor Frances Ashcroft to discuss A Mathematician’s Apology by GH Hardy and Exactly: How Engineers Created the Modern World by Simon Winchester. Frances Ashcroft, Marcus du Sautoy 18 Mar 2024
16 A Good Science Read: The Story of Penicillin Professor Matthew Freeman and Professor Frances Ashcroft discuss "The Mould in Dr Florey's Coat" by Eric Lax Frances Ashcroft, Matthew Freeman 04 Mar 2024
15 A Good Science Read Professor Frances Ashcroft gives a short introduction to this exciting new series Frances Ashcroft 27 Feb 2024
14 Creative Commons Sleep and Scents - Dr. Julia Harris In this episode, we interview Dr. Julia Harris to discuss her ongoing research on sleep utilising the olfactory system. Julia Harris, Neddy Kareha, Katherine Willard 29 Jan 2024
13 Recovering Movement - Charlotte Stagg In this episode with Professor Charlotte Stagg, we talk about non-invasive brain stimulation techniques used to understand how the brain adapts to new challenges in the recovery of motor function after stroke. Neddy Kareha, Charlotte Stagg, Ritika Mukherji, Katherine Willard 22 Nov 2023
12 Snoozing Fruitflies In this episode with Dr Sarnataro, we explore techniques used during his recent PhD to investigate the mitochondrial dynamics in neurons of sleeping fruitflies. Raffaele also offers advice on how to make the most of an Oxford PhD position. Ritika Mukherji, Raffaele Sarnataro, Neddy Kareha, Katherine Willard 06 Oct 2023
11 The Moving Brain with Dr. Andrew Peters We met with Dr Andrew Peters (a new PI) to discuss his career in neuroscience so far studying movement in the brain. By combining multiple modern techniques, Andy interrogates global circuits during motor learning and behaviour. Katherine Willard, Neddy Kareha, Ritika Mukherji 01 Aug 2023
10 Season 2 Trailer The trailer for the second season of CortexCast. Neddy Kareha, Katherine Willard, Ritika Mukherji 01 Aug 2023
9 It's All Optical - Adam Packer We discuss all-optical interrogation techniques and the mysterious claustrum. Adam Packer, Paula Kaanders, Lukas Krone, Alex von Klemperer 29 Aug 2020
8 Creative Commons Facing Depression - Catherine Harmer We discuss the brain mechanisms behind depression. Catherine Harmer, Paula Kaanders, Lukas Krone, Alex von Klemperer 28 May 2020
7 This Might Hurt - Irene Tracey We discuss the Neuroscience of Pain perception Irene Tracey, Paula Kaanders, Lukas Krone, Alex von Klemperer 02 Jan 2020
6 A hundred years on: 21st Century Insights into Human Oxygen Homeostasis Professor Sir Peter J Ratcliffe FRS delivers the Inaugural J.S. Haldane Prize Lecture. Peter Ratcliffe 26 Nov 2019
5 Calcium is at the Coeur of Normal Heart Function and Disease Donald M. Bers delivers the Newton Abraham Professor Lecture, 2019. The lecture discusses the mechanisms by which calcium orchestrates cardiac function in health and is also involved in heart failure and life-threatening arrhythmias. Donald M. Bers 08 Oct 2019
4 At The Interface : Richard Mooney We discuss Auditory Neuroscience in particular during vocal learning Alexander von Klemperer, Samuel Picard, Richard Mooney 23 Jul 2019
3 At First Sight - Holly Bridge We discuss how the Brain processes vision. Alex von Klemperer, Samuel Picard, Paula Kaanders, Holly Bridge 08 Jun 2019
2 Sleeping with One Eye Open - Vladyslav Vyazovskiy We discuss the Science of Sleep Alex von Klemperer, Samuel Picard, Paula Kaanders, Vladyslav Vyasovskiy 08 Jun 2019
1 Intro : Cortex Just Keeps the Rest of the Brain Warm We talk through what listeners can expect from future episodes of CortexCast. Alex von Klemperer, Paula Kaanders, Samuel Picard 31 May 2019