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Neddy Kareha

Series featuring Neddy Kareha

  • CortexCast - A Neuroscience Podcast
# Episode Title Description People Date
6 Motor neurone disease and iPSCs - Dr. Björn Vahsen In this episode, Katy interviews Björn Vahsen to discuss his ongoing research on Motor neurone disease using iPSCs to co-culture microglia and motor neurons. Katherine Willard, Björn Vahsen, Neddy Kareha 20 Mar 2024
5 Creative Commons Sleep and Scents - Dr. Julia Harris In this episode, we interview Dr. Julia Harris to discuss her ongoing research on sleep utilising the olfactory system. Julia Harris, Neddy Kareha, Katherine Willard 29 Jan 2024
4 Recovering Movement - Charlotte Stagg In this episode with Professor Charlotte Stagg, we talk about non-invasive brain stimulation techniques used to understand how the brain adapts to new challenges in the recovery of motor function after stroke. Neddy Kareha, Charlotte Stagg, Ritika Mukherji, Katherine Willard 22 Nov 2023
3 Snoozing Fruitflies In this episode with Dr Sarnataro, we explore techniques used during his recent PhD to investigate the mitochondrial dynamics in neurons of sleeping fruitflies. Raffaele also offers advice on how to make the most of an Oxford PhD position. Ritika Mukherji, Raffaele Sarnataro, Neddy Kareha, Katherine Willard 06 Oct 2023
2 The Moving Brain with Dr. Andrew Peters We met with Dr Andrew Peters (a new PI) to discuss his career in neuroscience so far studying movement in the brain. By combining multiple modern techniques, Andy interrogates global circuits during motor learning and behaviour. Katherine Willard, Neddy Kareha, Ritika Mukherji 01 Aug 2023
1 Season 2 Trailer The trailer for the second season of CortexCast. Neddy Kareha, Katherine Willard, Ritika Mukherji 01 Aug 2023