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A Good Science Read: The Story of Penicillin

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Duration: 0:39:37 | Added: 04 Mar 2024
Professor Matthew Freeman and Professor Frances Ashcroft discuss "The Mould in Dr Florey's Coat" by Eric Lax

This book tells the true story of the penicillin miracle – penicillin being the mould in Dr Florey’s coat. When most people are asked who discovered penicillin they invariably answer Alexander Fleming. But he was merely one of the people involved and arguably not even the most important. This book sets the record straight and tells the story of how it was 3 Oxford scientists, Howard Florey, Ernst Chain and Norman Heatley who isolated penicillin and turned it into a life-saving drug. It is a remarkable story, very well told, about a scientific breakthrough conducted on a shoestring budget in the middle of the second world war, that has benefitted all humanity.
Matthew Freeman is Professor of Pathology at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of both Lincoln College Oxford and the Royal Society of London. He is also Head of the Dunn School of Pathology which plays a very special part in the story the book tells about the discovery of penicillin.
Website: https://www.path.ox.ac.uk/research-group/matthew-freeman/

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