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Russell Foster

Series featuring Russell Foster

  • The History of Science Museum
  • Alumni Weekend
  • Oxford Sparks: bringing science to life
  • Sleep and the Rhythms of Life
# Episode Title Description People Date
4 Sleep, Light, Architecture How can a neuroscientist and an architect help us to understand the world of sleep and the rhythms that govern our lives? Russell Foster, Ian Ritchie, Sally Shuttleworth, Ruth Abrahams 12 May 2023
3 What Makes You Tick? How do you know when it's time to wake up or go to sleep? More powerful than any alarm are your circadian rhythms. Christopher James-Harvey, Stuart Peirson, Russell Foster 12 Apr 2016
2 Creative Commons Body Clocks, Sleep and Light Russell Foster explains the role of light in regulating our bodies and discusses the implications of today's almost constant exposure to light. Russell Foster 08 Apr 2013
1 Sleep in the Global 24/7 Society Professor Foster gives a talk on some of the causes and consequences of sleep disruption and explores how our increasingly sleep deprived society is have unanticipated consequences for out physical and mental health. Russell Foster 24 Aug 2009