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Richard Fletcher

Series featuring Richard Fletcher

  • Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
  • Collecting COVID: Oral Histories
# Episode Title Description People Date
11 Digital News Report 2023. Episode 6: The importance of public service media for individuals and for society In this episode of our #DNR23 podcast we look at how important news audiences feel public service media is, both for themselves and wider society. Richard Fletcher, Federica Cherubini 13 Jul 2023
10 Digital News Report 2023. Episode 4: Attitudes towards algorithms and their impact on news In this episode of our #DNR23 podcast series we explore people’s attitudes towards algorithmic selection of news and the correlation with attitudes towards editorial selection. Federica Cherubini, Richard Fletcher 28 Jun 2023
9 Dr Richard Fletcher Georgina Ferry interviews Richard Fletcher, Director of Research (Reuters Institute), 28 January 2022. Richard Fletcher, Georgina Ferry 02 Nov 2022
8 Digital News Report 2022. Episode 6: Have news audiences become more polarised over time? In this episode we look at findings from our DNR22 on news audience polarisation in four countries and whether there's been a shift since 2016. Federica Cherubini, Richard Fletcher 18 Jul 2022
7 How 2021 changed journalism In this episode of our Future of Journalism podcast we look at how events of 2021 and other trends in society and politics have affected how journalism is practised and consumed and how newsrooms are addressing these challenges. Eduardo Suárez, Rasmus Nielsen, Meera Selva, Federica Cherubini 17 Dec 2021
6 Digital News Report 2021. Episode 5. How do people think about the financing of the commercial news media? This episode looks at public understanding of the financial pressures that the news media is under, how much they are concerned about it, and what they think should be done. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Richard Fletcher, Federica Cherubini 19 Jul 2021
5 Digital News Report 2021. Episode 3: Perceptions of fair news coverage among different groups This episode focuses on findings around perceptions of fairness among different groups including demographic characteristics and political leaning. Federica Cherubini, Richard Fletcher 05 Jul 2021
4 Who are most vulnerable to misinformation about the pandemic Federica Cherubini speaks with Rasmus Nielsen and Richard Fletcher, two of the authors of a recent report about the coronavirus communication crisis in the UK. Frederica Cherubini, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Richard Fletcher 27 Oct 2020
3 Digital News Report 2020. Episode 6. How should journalists cover politics? In this episode we look at what people think when it comes to the news media covering politics. Frederica Cherubini, Richard Fletcher 25 Jun 2020
2 Digital News Report 2020. Episode 3: Who will pay for the news? This episode focuses on the public's willingness to pay for news, what motivates them and what could persuade them. Frederica Cherubini, Richard Fletcher 25 Jun 2020
1 The truth behind filter bubbles Is the concern around filter bubbles in news use warranted? Richard Fletcher outlines the evidence. Richard Fletcher 24 Jan 2020