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Dr Richard Fletcher

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Duration: 0:52:16 | Added: 02 Nov 2022
Georgina Ferry interviews Richard Fletcher, Director of Research (Reuters Institute), 28 January 2022.

Topics discussed include (00:00:29) RF's early studies in computer science, Masters in Science, Technology and Society, and PhD in Sociology, research in Journalism in London and Oxford; (00:03:40) the decline of traditional print and television news media and growth of smart phone internet use for news consumption; (00:07:23) Digital News Report data; (00:09:30) RF's first memory of COVID-19 in early 2020; (00:10:38) research on COVID-19 including two studies: six-country survey on news use particularly relating to coronavirus beginning in April 2020 and work on a ten wave survey focusing on the U.K.; (00:13:21) findings of the studies; (00:17:00) increase in sources of information on coronavirus; (00:18:36) the U.K. study, changes in attitudes and behaviours; (00:21:00) publication of survey results including fact sheets and reports; (00:21:30) inequalities in news and information use in terms of demographic groups; (00:25:00) eight-country study undertaken in 2021, including a focus on vaccines; (00:26:04) differences in data between 2020 and 2021, including evidence of declining trust; (00:29:09) collaborative working, particularly internationally; (00:30:57) the main audience using this research and the data resulting from these studies; (00:32:16) influence on Government policy; (00:33:22) impact of a proliferation of data and 'infodemic'; (00:35:10) the impact of the first lockdown on ability to work and social interactions; (00:38:35) positive outcomes of changes to ways of work, including hybrid and remote working; (00:41:10) changes to working hours; (00:43:45) safety measures and policies for the Institute, involvement in these discussions; (00:45:01) contribution of COVID-19 research on personal well-being; (00:46:04) RF's personal reaction to COVID-19 in terms of health as well as social pressures; (00:47:40) future questions and research interests, including trust, acceleration of the decline of print news publication, misinformation on social media; (00:50:08) changes to approach to work and working environment.

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