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Digital News Report 2021. Episode 5. How do people think about the financing of the commercial news media?

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Duration: 0:13:12 | Added: 19 Jul 2021
This episode looks at public understanding of the financial pressures that the news media is under, how much they are concerned about it, and what they think should be done.

Host: Federica Cherubini is Head of Leadership Development at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. She is an expert in newsroom operations and organisational change, with ten years' experience spanning major publishers, research institutes and editorial networks around the world.

Dr Richard Fletcher is a Senior Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute, and Team Leader of the Research Team. He is primarily interested in global trends in digital news consumption, comparative media research, the use of social media by journalists and news organizations, and more broadly, the relationship between technology and journalism.

DNR co-author Professor Rasmus Kleis Nielsen is Director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford and Professor of Political Communication. His work focuses on changes in the news media, political communication, and the role of digital technologies in both.

Find the report at: www.digitalnewsreport.org/2021

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