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Elizabeth Frazer

Series featuring Elizabeth Frazer

  • The Engagement of Theory
  • Politics and International Relations Podcasts
  • Political Demonology: The Logic of Evil in Contemporary Literature and Theology
# Episode Title Description People Date
13 Creative Commons Shakespeare and Machiavellian Politics of Violence, Closing Keynote Closing Keynote: Elizabeth Frazer (University of Oxford) gives the closing keynote for the Political Demonologies conference, held at Worcester College on 20th May 2016. Elizabeth Frazer 13 Sep 2016
12 'Political Theory at the Margins' Roundtable Discussion Roundtable discussion with JanaLee Cherneski, Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman, Elizabeth Frazer, Humeira Iqtidar. Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman, Humeira Iqtidar, Elizabeth Frazer 16 Sep 2015
11 'Martin Ceadel and the Study of Peace and War' Session 1: Thinking About Peace and War A research colloquium to mark the retirement of Professor Martin Ceadel, preeminent historian of the British peace movement and one of the world’s foremost experts on the politics of war prevention and its impact on international relations. Amitabh Mattoo, Elizabeth Frazer, Jonathan Leader Maynard, Adam Roberts 01 Sep 2015
10 Creative Commons A celebration and critical evaluation of the work of Mark Philp: Roundtable Speakers from this day event join in discussion with Mark Philp himself about some of the issues raised throughout the day. Mark Philp, John Dunn, Joanna Innes, Jon Mee 16 May 2014
9 Creative Commons Comparative paths in democratisation Presenter Tom Cutterham (Oxford) and discussant Joanna Innes (Oxford) look at Mark Philp's work focusing on comparative paths in democratisation. Tom Cutterham, Joanna Innes, Elizabeth Frazer 16 May 2014
8 Creative Commons Political conduct and political corruption Presenter Ed Hall (LSE) and discussant David Hine (Oxford) look at Mark Philp's work focusing on political conduct and political corruption. Ed Hall, David Hine, Elizabeth Frazer 16 May 2014
7 Creative Commons The 1790s and after Presenter Oscar Cox Jensen (KCL) and discussant Jon Mee (York) look at Mark Philp's work focusing on the 1790s and after Oscar Cox Jensen, Jon Mee, Elizabeth Frazer 16 May 2014
6 Creative Commons Introduction to the work of Mark Philp John Dunn (Cambridge) gives a broad overview of the work and legacy of Mark Philp. John Dunn, Elizabeth Frazer 16 May 2014
5 Creative Commons Launch of Constitutional Studies Programme Marking the launch of Oxford's Constitutional Studies Programme, which seeks to increase the amount of interdisciplinary cooperation between law and political science in the field of constitutional studies. Scot Peterson, Elizabeth Frazer, Nick Barber, Iain McLean 07 Apr 2014
4 Creative Commons Prisoners, Felons, and the Right to Vote Jeremy Waldron talks about what the right to vote is, and isn't, and how it applies to those in the penal system Jeremy Waldron, Elizabeth Frazer 04 Apr 2014
3 Creative Commons Reparations and the End of Empire Daniel Butt talks about the practicalities of the paying of reparations for acts committed in the decline of Empire Daniel Butt, Elizabeth Frazer 04 Apr 2014
2 Creative Commons PPE Alumni in Conversation: April 2011 A conversation between Elizabeth Frazer (PPE, 1984; DPhil 1987), Matthew Powell (PPE, 2010) and Nick Alexander (PPE, 1976). Matthew and Nick discuss their learning experiences at Oxford across the internet divide, and find that they have much in common. Nicholas Alexander, Elizabeth Frazer, Matthew Powell 19 Dec 2011
1 Feminist Interpretations 'The Politics of Interpretation and The Interpretation of Politics' conference (23rd to 24th Sep 2011, organised by Jens Olesen): fourth talk. Elizabeth Frazer, Terrell Carver, Pamela Anderson 15 Dec 2011