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Janina Dill

Series featuring Janina Dill

  • Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict
  • Merton College
  • Changing Character of War
  • Centre for International Studies Podcasts
# Episode Title Description People Date
5 Humanitarian Access in 21st Century Armed Conflict: Legal and Practical Lessons from Syria A discussion of the international law on humanitarian access with a focus on the legal and practical implications of the ongoing civil war in Syria. Emanuela Gillard, Ruvi Ziegler, Janina Dill 27 Oct 2014
4 Investigating the effectiveness of international law in war A discussion of the influence of international law on the rules of engagement in war and other armed conflicts. Janina Dill 10 Apr 2013
3 Where to Now for Just War Theory? Professor Jeff McMahan (Rutgers) with Dr Janina Dill and Dr Hugo Slim (ELAC, Oxford) discuss the Just War theory for the Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict seminar series on 8th February 2013. Hugo Slim, Jeff McMahan, Janina Dill 02 Apr 2013
2 Creative Commons Legitimate Targets? The Partial Effectiveness of International Law in US Air Warfare Dr Janina Dill, Department of International Relations, Oxford University, gives a talk about US Air Warfare and International Law, organised by the Changing Character of War programme, Oxford University. Janina Dill 04 Mar 2013
1 The ICC at 10 ELAC Panel Discussion with Professor Jennifer Welsh, Dr David Rodin, Janina Dill and Dapo Akande (ELAC)on 20th May 2012. Jennifer Welsh, David Rodin, Dapo Akande, Janina Dill 23 May 2012