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Hugo Slim

Series featuring Hugo Slim

  • Alumni Weekend
  • Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict
  • Entrepreneurship
# Episode Title Description People Date
8 From the Arab Spring to the Syrian War: Regional, international and humanitarian impact This session will examine the political and humanitarian dynamics behind the Arab Spring and the Syrian War. Starting with a long view of the events leading to the Arab Spring, it will analyse the regional and international repercussions of the uprisings. Hugo Slim, Louise Fawcett 08 Oct 2013
7 The Ethics of Humanitarian Accountability Alice Obrecht (One World Trust) and Philip Tamminga (DARA) give a talk for Oxford Humanitarian Group/ELAC seminar series. Introduced by Hugo Slim. Alice Obrecht, Phillip Tamminga, Hugo Slim 09 Aug 2013
6 Where to Now for Just War Theory? Professor Jeff McMahan (Rutgers) with Dr Janina Dill and Dr Hugo Slim (ELAC, Oxford) discuss the Just War theory for the Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict seminar series on 8th February 2013. Hugo Slim, Jeff McMahan, Janina Dill 02 Apr 2013
5 Creative Commons Oxford at Said Seminar: Oxford and Oxfam working together on the ethics of war, weapons and humanitarian aid The practice of protecting unarmed civilians amidst the fierce violence of international and non-international war contends with extreme political realities and rapidly developing robotic weapons technology. Hear how Oxford and Oxfam are working together. Hugo Slim, Jane Cocking, Alexander Leveringhaus 14 Mar 2013
4 Creative Commons Humanitarian Ethics in Armed Conflict: Aid Agency Dilemmas and Responsibility Dr Hugo Slim (Visiting Fellow, ELAC) gives a talk for the Ethics, Law and Armed conflict seminar series on 17 Jan 2012. Hugo Slim 19 Jan 2012
3 The Responsibility to Protect in modern international relations Jennifer Welsh and Hugo Slim from the Oxford Centre for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict discuss "The Responsibility to Protect" in contemporary international relations, and its role in key cases such as Libya and the post-election violence in Kenya. Jennifer Welsh, Hugo Slim 28 Sep 2011
2 Creative Commons Being Humanitarian: Personal Morality and Political Project in Today's Wars Dr Hugo Slim, Visiting Fellow in the department of politics and international relations, gives a talk for the 2011 Hilary term ELAC/CCW seminar series on armed conflict. Hugo Slim 21 Feb 2011
1 Private Diplomacy, Public Peace: Practical Challenges in Contemporary Peace Negotiations Seminar given by the Director of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Martin Griffiths on the role played by private mediators in securing peace between warring factions and states in areas such as Africa and the Middle East. Martin Griffiths, Hugo Slim 11 Jan 2010