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Traces of the White Rose: Introduction

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Duration: 0:12:13 | Added: 10 Oct 2023
Hosts Tom Herring and Dr Alexandra Lloyd set out what to expect from the series, and introduce the history of the White Rose resistance: five students and a professor who stood up to Nazism and paid with their lives.

“There is no punishment on this earth that would do justice to the crimes of Hitler and his inner circle. But out of love for the coming generations, an example must be set…so that no one will ever feel even the slightest inclination to commit such acts again…” - Pamphlets of the White Rose IV.

Munich, 1942. War rages across Europe. After nearly a decade of Nazi rule, Hitler is at the height of his power. Anyone who dares to oppose the regime risks imprisonment, deportation, and even death. Any form of opposition is unimaginably dangerous. To stand up and speak out would take incredible strength and courage. There were some willing to take that risk.

Created and presented by Tom Herring and Dr Alexandra Lloyd
Produced by Tom Herring, Robin Davis, Maddy Morris
Edited and mixed by Tom Herring and Ben Tomlin
Actors: Gina Jamieson, James Bradwell, Sebastian Humphreys, Sam Hill, Elliot Liburd
Translations by members of the White Rose Project at the University of Oxford
Music from SANSARA’s album Traces, available on all streaming platforms
Artwork by Masha Krivopishina

Made with support from the University of Oxford’s Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, the Higher Education and Innovation Fund, and the Genesis Foundation Kickstart Fund.

Full credits and transcripts available here: https://www.sansarachoir.com/towr-podcast

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