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Duration: 0:15:24 | Added: 21 Feb 2024
In this final episode, Tom Herring and Dr Alexandra Lloyd explore the enduring legacies of the White Rose, with contributions from students, academics, and authors working on this remarkable resistance group.

“They had integrity, they stood up for what they believed in, even when they knew the tremendous risks that faced them in doing so. They demonstrated tremendous courage.” – Rebecca Donner, author of All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days (2021)

This episode features choral music by Johannes Brahms.

Created by Tom Herring and Dr Alexandra Lloyd
Produced by Tom Herring, Robin Davis, Maddy Morris
Edited and mixed by Tom Herring
Interviewees: Rebecca Donner, Rachel Herring, Lydia Ludlow, Jud Newborn, George Newton, Stephani Richards-Wilson
Music from SANSARA’s album Traces, available on all streaming platforms
Artwork by Masha Krivopishina

Made with support from the University of Oxford’s Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, the Higher Education and Innovation Fund, and the Genesis Foundation Kickstart Fund.

Full credits and transcripts available here: https://www.sansarachoir.com/towr-podcast

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