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Alex Halliday

Series featuring Alex Halliday

  • Earth Sciences
  • Big Questions - with Oxford Sparks
# Episode Title Description People Date
4 "Origins" - Complete Episode The subject of origins is explored - from human fertilisation to the Big Bang. Includes parts 1, 2 and 3. Jo Dunkley, Alex Halliday, Suzannah Williams, Dagan Wells 09 Oct 2014
3 "Origins" Part 2 - Origins of Earth and the Solar System Professor Alex Halliday explains how planets form from nothing but an area of space full of dust. Tiny differences between the elements that make up meteorites can give you an idea of how old they are and which part of the solar system they came from. Alex Halliday, Chris Lintott 07 Oct 2014
2 Reflections on the environment and science at Oxford Prof Alex Halliday discusses the role of isotope geoscience in understanding present day environmental issues. He also reflects on studying science at Oxford. Alex Halliday 12 Sep 2008
1 An introduction to Geoscience Using Isotope geochemistry to understand the origins of planets and the present day natural behaviour of the Earth. Alex Halliday 12 Sep 2008