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Jo Dunkley

Jo is a lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Oxford. Her research is in cosmology, studying the origins and evolution of the universe. Her work involves determining properties of the universe such as its rate of expansion, its age, and the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. In particular she studies the Cosmic Microwave Background, light that has been traveling since shortly after the Big Bang.

Series featuring Jo Dunkley

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  • Oxford Sparks: bringing science to life
  • Big Questions - with Oxford Sparks
  • Oxford Physics Research
  • Oxford Physics Public Lectures
# Episode Title Description People Date
8 Cosmology from the Microwave Background Physics Colloquium 22nd May 2015 delivered by Professor Jo Dunkley Jo Dunkley 29 May 2015
7 Give us a hand Oxford Sparks explore what chirality is. Jo Dunkley, Alain Goriely, Robert Llewellyn 18 May 2015
6 You've Got a Nerve In the early 1900s, Charles Sherrington examined microscope slides of muscles, nerves, the spine and the brain and traced the connections between them building a picture of how muscles are controlled. Researchers today still use principles he established. Jo Dunkley, Robert Llewellyn 05 Mar 2015
5 Give Peas a Chance Nitrogen could be one of the most interesting elements in the periodic table. Find out more about this fascinating element and how research into peas and beans at Oxford could help feed the world! www.oxfordsparks.net/nitrogen. Jo Dunkley, Robert Llewellyn 05 Mar 2015
4 "Origins" - Complete Episode The subject of origins is explored - from human fertilisation to the Big Bang. Includes parts 1, 2 and 3. Jo Dunkley, Alex Halliday, Suzannah Williams, Dagan Wells 09 Oct 2014
3 "Origins" Part 1 - Origins of the Universe Professor Jo Dunkley explains how we can look back in time at the light from the early Universe. This ultra-cold light can be used to create a picture from soon after the Big Bang. Jo Dunkley, Chris Lintott 07 Oct 2014
2 Oxford Astrophysics A video explaining what is Astrophysics and what's going on in Astrophysics at Oxford Chris Lintott, Roger Davies, Jo Dunkley, katherine blundell 22 Jul 2014
1 Creative Commons Cosmology Jo Dunkley reviews the latest research in Cosmology. Jo Dunkley 30 Jan 2013