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Earth Sciences

# Episode Title Description People Date
11 Curiosity’s Search for Ancient Habitable Environments at Gale Crater, Mars 4th Annual Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture in Planetary Geology delivered by Professor John Grotzinger, Caltech, USA John Grotzinger 27 Apr 2017
10 The Origins and Evolution of Exoplanet Atmospheres and Oceans 3rd Annual Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture in Planetary Geology delivered by Professor Raymond T Pierrehumbert. Raymond T Pierrehumbert 27 Apr 2017
9 Creative Commons The Formation of Terrestrial Planets - the 2nd Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture in Planetary Geology Prof Alessandro Morbidelli of the Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur in Nice gives the 2nd Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture in Planetary Geology. He talks about the formation of planets in the universe. Alessandro Morbidelli 22 May 2015
8 Building Earth-like Planets: from gas and dust to ocean worlds. The first Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture in Planetary Geology delivered by Professor Linda T. Elkins-Tanton. Linda T. Elkins-Tanton 06 Nov 2013
7 The Chelyabinsk Meteor In this talk Dr Ken Amor talks about the Chelyabinsk meteor, which entered Earths atmosphere over Russia on the 15th of February 2013. Ken Amor 16 Apr 2013
6 Large Meteorite Impacts on Earth Ken Amor looks at the science of large meteorite impacts on Earth. Ken Amor 30 Jan 2013
5 Creative Commons Ironing The Ocean - exploring the ocean iron and carbon cycles aboard the RRS discovery in the south atlantic Gideon Henderson, Professor of Earth Sciences and fellow of University College, gives a talk on his research on iron content in the atlantic ocean and its necessity for life in the ocean. Gideon Henderson 01 Jun 2011
4 Creative Commons Rocking the Cradle...6,000 Years of Geological Impact in Greece From the 2010 Alumni Weekend. Phillip England talks about the history of Greece through its many earthquakes and seismic activity over the last 6000 years and shows how these events shaped the ancient world's history. Phillip England 25 Oct 2010
3 The Tipping Point: Climate Change Professor Gideon Henderson and Dr Ros Rickaby from the Department of Earth Sciences talk about some of the key issues surrounding climate change today. Gideon Henderson, Ros Rickaby 26 Aug 2009
2 Reflections on the environment and science at Oxford Prof Alex Halliday discusses the role of isotope geoscience in understanding present day environmental issues. He also reflects on studying science at Oxford. Alex Halliday 12 Sep 2008
1 An introduction to Geoscience Using Isotope geochemistry to understand the origins of planets and the present day natural behaviour of the Earth. Alex Halliday 12 Sep 2008