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'Magic and the Sense of Place' Conference Day 1: Opening Session, plus 'Who Owns This Place?' and 'The New World'.

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Duration: 3:05:12 | Added: 20 Apr 2023
Opening Session featuring Ronald Hutton and Chris Gosden, plus talks under the topics 'Who Owns This Place?' and 'The New World'.

'Magic and the Sense of Place' Conference Day 2, Friday 15 July 2022.

1. Opening Session
Ronald Hutton, ‘How Sacred Are The Dead?’
Chris Gosden, ‘Magic and Archaeology: the importance of place’

Session 2: Who Owns This Place?
Neil Philip, ‘“All that he owned”: Alan Garner and the sentient landscape’
Andrew Sneddon, ‘Creative, Digital Public History and Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Islandmagee Witches Project, part 2’
Michael Ostling, ‘Evicting the Landlords: Or “Spirits and the Spirit of Capitalism” Revisited’

Session 3: The New World
Andrew Chesnut, ‘Holy Death in Times of Pestilence: Santa Muerte, the Newest Plague Saint’
Dan Kline, ‘The Re-education of a Medievalist and Toward a Place-based Medievalism: Indigeneity, Pedagogy, and Place in the North Pacific Rim’
Will Badger, ‘Metallurgy and Magic at the World-Margin: Joachim Gans and the Roanoke Colony’

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