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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 'Magic and the Sense of Place' Conference Day 3: 'Urban', 'Rome' and 'Placing the dead' Talks from Alice Huxley, Amy Blakemore, Nancy Caciola and more, under the themes 'Urban', 'Rome' and 'Placing the dead'. Alice Huxley, Todd Borlik, Amy Blakemore, Ellen Kushner 20 Apr 2023
2 'Magic and the Sense of Place' Conference Day 2: 'Making a Place', 'Between' and 'Getting Lost' Talks from Caroline Tully, Elizabeth Garner, Gwendolyne Knight and more on the themes of 'Making a Place', 'Between' and 'Getting Lost'. Gwendolyne Knight, Sophie Page, Karen Mahony, Alex Ukolov 20 Apr 2023
3 'Magic and the Sense of Place' Conference Day 1: Opening Session, plus 'Who Owns This Place?' and 'The New World'. Opening Session featuring Ronald Hutton and Chris Gosden, plus talks under the topics 'Who Owns This Place?' and 'The New World'. Andrew Chesnut, Dan Kline, Will Badger, Ronald Hutton 20 Apr 2023
4 Supernatural defences activated through death Brian Hoggard (Folklorist), gives the first talk in the fourth panel of the conference, The Dark Side, chaired by Oliver Cox. Brian Hoggard 05 Aug 2021
5 Magic and Medicine in Early Roman Britain Nicky Garland (Durham), gives the first talk in the second panel, Tales in Place: Change and Continuity, in the conference. Chaired by Alice Purkiss. Nicky Garland 03 Aug 2021
6 Panel 1 - Who Owns this Place? Pondering Identities Questions Questions and answers from the first panel of the seminar. Moderated by Alice Purkiss (National Trust Partnership and University of Oxford). Alice Purkiss 26 Jul 2021
7 The Byland Abbey ghost stories: using the dead to bring a medieval monastery to life Michael Carter (English Heritage) gives the second talk for the seminar. Michael Carter 26 Jul 2021
8 How sacred is an ancient sacred site? The interface between academics, heritage managers and modern Paganism First talk of Panel 1 - Who Owns this Place? Pondering Identities, chaired by Alice Purkiss, talk by Ronald Hutton (Bristol). Ronald Hutton 23 Jul 2021
9 Social Status and Recycling in Bronze Age China What does recycling have to do with social standing in Bronze Age China? Dr Victoria Sainsbury discusses the recent work of the FLAME team, lead by Dr Ray Liu, on the metal work at Anyang, and how powerful people controlled how metal moved through society Victoria Sainsbury 20 Apr 2021
10 The History of Magic What is magic, when did it begin, and does it still have a place in the modern world? Professor Chris Gosden discusses the long history of magic from the Ice Age, through antiquity, to the present. Chris Gosden 29 Sep 2020
11 Why do children doubt magic, but believe in the miraculous? Prof. Paul Harris (Harvard Graduate School of Education) examines why children are skeptical about magical phenomena but are willing to believe in supposedly miraculous violations of everyday causal constraints. 12 May 2017. Paul Harris 26 Jul 2017
12 Creative Commons Old English in Context Lecture 3 - Religion and Magic Lecture 3 in a series on placing Old English in Context, Religion and magic. Delivered by Dr S D Lee, Faculty of English, University of Oxford - 31/1/08. Stuart Lee 31 Jan 2008