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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Unseen Beings and Tibetan Eco-Daemonology Erik Jampa Andersson's presentation delves into the intricate world of Tibetan eco-daemonology and advocates for a deeper understanding of Traditional Ecological Knowledge Erik Jampa Andersson 24 Nov 2023
2 'Magic and the Sense of Place' Conference Day 1: Opening Session, plus 'Who Owns This Place?' and 'The New World'. Opening Session featuring Ronald Hutton and Chris Gosden, plus talks under the topics 'Who Owns This Place?' and 'The New World'. Andrew Chesnut, Dan Kline, Will Badger, Ronald Hutton 20 Apr 2023
3 Treasure Hunting in the Philippine Islands (Oxford Treasure Seminar Series) Where to Look for the Missing Plunder of Pirates, Ghosts, Rebels, Fairies, Colonisers, and Dictators Piers Kelly 03 Nov 2022
4 Treasure Traditions in Greece (Oxford Treasure Seminar Series) Charles Stewart's surveys the diversity of treasure traditions in Greece Charles Stewart 03 Nov 2022
5 Depicting the Mesoamerican Spirit World Alessia Frassani discusses the depiction of the Meso-american spirit world Alessia Frassani 08 Jul 2016