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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Biodiversity on the rocks: joining the dots between animate and inanimate This podcast explores some of the countless relationships between biology, biodiversity, and geology, past and present. Elaine Charwat, Esteban Acevedo Trejos, Mark Carnall, Lita Manners 31 Aug 2022
2 Extinction and the Museum: skeletons and other remains in our cupboards In this podcast, we look at extinction and the role of collections and museums. Elaine Charwat, Mark Carnall, Jackie Chapman-Gray, Robert Douglas 31 Aug 2022
3 Pathways Forward with Dr. Laura van Broekhoven Jip and Bessie are joined again by the Director of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Dr. Laura van Broekhoven. This time we discuss looking forward to the future of the museum and its collections policy. Jip Borm, Bessie Woodhouse, Laura van Broekhoven 06 Jan 2022
4 Of parasites, dinosaurs, and other model animals Elaine Charwat has been on a journey into the attic storerooms behind the scenes of the Museum to discover 19th-century wax models of parasites. Elaine Charwat, Mark Carnall, Péter Molnár 11 Nov 2020
5 A year in the Zoology Collection Mark Carnall, Collections Manager (Life Collections), Museum of Natural History gives a short talk for the Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Mark Carnall 21 Oct 2016
6 Cabinet: Integrating Text and Object in Oxford Teaching Giovanna Vitelli, Director, University Engagement Programme, Ashmolean Museum gives a short talk for Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Giovanna Vitelli 21 Oct 2016
7 200 years of fun and games Richard Ballam talks about the rich collections of games and pastimes he has recently donated to the Bodleian, the subject of the display Playing with History. Richard Ballam 29 Jan 2016
8 Creative Commons The Future of Research Libraries A talk delivered by Andrew Green at the Anybook Oxford Libraries Conference 2015 - Adapting for the Future: Developing Our Professions and Services, 21st July 2015. Andrew Green 15 Sep 2015
9 Creative Commons Evidence-Based Decision Making for Collection Management A talk delivered by Paul Cavanagh and James Kay at the Anybook Oxford Libraries Conference 2015 - Adapting for the Future: Developing Our Professions and Services, 21st July 2015. Paul Cavanagh, James Kay 15 Sep 2015
10 The Savile Library Lunchtime lecture by Will Poole accompanying the exhibition Marks of Genius: Masterpieces from the Collections of the Bodleian Libraries. Will Poole 09 Jul 2015
11 Marks on canvas, stone, wood and paper: the Genius of the Bodleian Portrait Collection Dana Josephson gives a talk for the Marks of Genius Masterpieces from the Collections of the Bodleian Libraries series. Dana Josephson 08 Jul 2015
12 Introduction to the Egyptian Collections Liam McNamara, Assistant Keeper for Ancient Egypt and Sudan, Ashmolean Museum, gives the first talk at the Understanding Egyptian Collections conference Liam McNamara 17 Sep 2014
13 Creative Commons Photo archives as historical resources: the Jeffrys and Dalrymple archives compared Professor Verkijika G. Fanso of Yaounde University in Cameroon compares two photo archives both taken around the same time, which are now held in Cambridge and South Africa Verkijika Fanso 29 Apr 2014
14 CLAROS - A virtual art collection Introducing the CLAROS project. The CLAROS project is a virtual art collection that links togther the online galleries of six museums from four different european countries. Donna Kurtz, Sebastian Rahtz 05 Jul 2011
15 CLAROS - A virtual Greek and Roman Art collection CLAROS is an international federation of European universities, museums and archives led by Oxford. 2,000,000 records and images of Greek and Roman art held at six sites in four European countries are linked virtually, using semantic web tools. Donna Kurtz, Sebastian Rahtz 29 Jun 2011
16 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - The Sequel Debate and discussion about academic crowdsourcing and community content in the UK and beyond, with highlights and interesting ideas from the day. Alastair Dunning, Stuart Lee, Chris Batt 27 May 2011
17 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - A Nursery Rhyme Melissa Highton (Oxford University Computing Services) examines how Oxford's crowdsourced and community collections of open educational resources are supported and embedded in practice for sustainability. Melissa Highton 26 May 2011
18 Beyond 2011 - A Saga of Creativity Gail Durbin (Victoria and Albert Museum) examines how a nationally focused museum can use its web presence to foster the interest and expertise of users, as well as sharing its own authoritative information? Gail Durbin 26 May 2011
19 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - A Cautionary Tale Arfon Smith (University of Oxford) presents the experience of the Zooniverse team with their citizen science and crowdsourcing efforts and the changing role of the citizen scientist. Arfon Smith 26 May 2011
20 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - A Road Movie Alun Edwards and Stuart Lee (Oxford University Computing Services) present their experiences of running public participation days in Germany to gather everyday objects from World War I. Alun Edwards, Stuart Lee 26 May 2011
21 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - Choose Your Own Adventure 'Time Travels' from the creator of How To Be A Retronaut and inventor of the Retroscope, and a leader of Museumpreneurs. Chris Wild 26 May 2011
22 Beyond 2011 - Character Journey The story of the super-transcribers involved in the project to understand the thousands of manuscripts of Jeremy Bentham. Valerie Wallace, Tim Causer 26 May 2011
23 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - "...apart from that he was completely naked" and other stories of the amazing everyday in the community Chris Morgan 'Mog' (University of Glamorgan, GEECS) presents on the Communities 2.0 digital inclusion project and the collection of digital stories that community members make. Chris Morgan 26 May 2011
24 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - Keynote: Tales of Big Society Beyond 2011 Keynote presentation from Robert Ashton, author of The Barefoot Entrepreneur. Robert Ashton 26 May 2011
25 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - Introduction: Once Upon a Time... Melissa Highton, Head of the Learning Technologies group at Oxford University Computing Services opens the conference. She referred to the themes of earlier Beyond conferences, and introduced today's theme "Beyond Collections". Melissa Highton 26 May 2011
26 The future of the past; The Bodleian's great acquisitions Part of the 2010 Alumni Weekend. Dr Ovenden looks at the Bodleian's great acquisitions, from Alan Bennett's gift of his literary archive to Cavalli's Erismena, the earliest surviving score of an opera in the English language. Richard Ovenden 30 Nov 2010