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Bessie Woodhouse

Series featuring Bessie Woodhouse

  • Matters of Policy Podcast
# Episode Title Description People Date
6 Reflections: How do we move forward with the Collections Development Policy? Bessie, Megan, and Jip conclude this series by reflecting on the process of examining the Collections Development Policy. What can we take forward? Are changes too idealistic? Is there any hope for the future of museum policy? Bessie Woodhouse, Jip Borm, Megan Mahon 06 Jan 2022
5 Pathways Forward with Dr. Laura van Broekhoven Jip and Bessie are joined again by the Director of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Dr. Laura van Broekhoven. This time we discuss looking forward to the future of the museum and its collections policy. Jip Borm, Bessie Woodhouse, Laura van Broekhoven 06 Jan 2022
4 Funding, Possibilities and The Arts Council with Liam Wiseman Megan and Bessie are joined by Liam Wiseman, then Museums Relationship Manager for the South East, to discuss funding and the possibilities of de-colonial practice. Megan Mahon, Bessie Woodhouse, Liam Wiseman 06 Jan 2022
3 The Museum and Communities with Jaalen Edenshaw Alexis and Bessie are joined by Jaalen Edenshaw, a Haida artist, to discuss the relationship between the museum, the origins of its collections and communities today. Bessie Woodhouse, Jaalen Edenshaw, Alexis Forer 06 Jan 2022
2 Mission Statements and Decolonial Practice with Dr. Cara Krmpotich Bessie and Megan are joined by Dr. Cara Krmpotich, museum anthropologist and Associate Professor of Museum Studies at the University of Toronto to delve into the role of mission statements and how to approach applying decolonial practice in museums. Bessie Woodhouse, Megan Mahon 04 Jan 2022
1 Introduction: What is this Policy anyway? Bessie, Alexis, Jip and Megan explore the themes presented in the museum’s Collections Development Policy. Why does it say so little about repatriation? Who is the widest possible public? And what even is preservation? Bessie Woodhouse, Jip Borm, Megan Mahon, Alexis Forer 04 Jan 2022