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Donna Kurtz

Professor Donna Kurtz is the Beazley Archivist, Professor of Classical Art, and Fellow of Wolfson College at the University of Oxford. She gained her undergraduate degree from University of Cincinnati, followed by an MA from Yale University and a DPhil at the University of Oxford.
She teaches undergraduates and graduate students for the faculty of Literae Humaniores in addition to directing the Beazley Archive. An art historian, she has published books and articles on various aspects of classical Greek archaeology and art, and a number of articles on Information Technology and the visual arts. Her research interests include: Classic Greek art and archaeology, history of collections, digital imaging, classical reception, history of collections, and information technology applications.

Series featuring Donna Kurtz

  • Oxford Humanities - Research Showcase: Global Exploration, Innovation and Influence
  • The World of Art
  • Wolfson College Podcasts
  • Cultural Heritage Forum
  • Sebastian Rahtz, a celebration of his work
  • The Beazley Archive - Classical Art Research Centre
# Episode Title Description People Date
13 Linked Cultural Heritage Donna Kurtz talks about working with Sebastian over a number of years on various Linked Cultural Heritage projects. Donna Kurtz 16 Nov 2016
12 Welcome Donna Kurtz (Professor of Classical Art and Senior Research Fellow of Oxford e-Research Centre) and Anne Trefethen (CIO) introduce the day along with providing some personal insights in working with Sebastian. Donna Kurtz, Anne Trefethen 16 Nov 2016
11 Creative Commons 6.1 Introduction: How Can the University and Cultural Organisations Collaborate? Professor Donna Kurtz introduces the sixth lecture in the Cultural Heritage Forum, entitled "How can the University and cultural organisations collaborate?". Donna Kurtz 08 Mar 2013
10 Creative Commons 5.1 Introduction: How Can Leadership Development and the World of Commerce Contribute? In this talk Professor Donna Kurtz introduces the fifth lecture in the series "How can leadership development and the world of commerce contribute?". Donna Kurtz 28 Feb 2013
9 Creative Commons 4.1 Introduction: What is Cultural Heritage Law? In this talk Professor Kurtz introduces the fourth lecture of the series 'What is cultural heritage law?'. Donna Kurtz 25 Feb 2013
8 Creative Commons 3.1 Introduction: How has Technology Transformed Access and Dissemination? Donna Kurtz introduces the subject 'How has technology transformed access and dissemination?'. Donna Kurtz 18 Feb 2013
7 Creative Commons 2.1 Introduction: How has Globalisation Changed Perceptions of Cultural Heritage? Professor Donna Kurtz introduces the subject 'How has globalisation changed perceptions of cultural heritage?'. Donna Kurtz 18 Feb 2013
6 Creative Commons 1.1 Introduction to the Cultural Heritage Forum Donna Kurtz introduces the series and asks 'What can the University contribute and how can it benefit?'. Donna Kurtz 18 Feb 2013
5 Creative Commons Humanities in Partnership withe Science: The World of Art on the Web Professor Donna Kurtz gives a talk for the Oxford Humanities Research Showcase conference held on 11th July 2011. Donna Kurtz 24 Aug 2011
4 CLAROS - A virtual art collection Introducing the CLAROS project. The CLAROS project is a virtual art collection that links togther the online galleries of six museums from four different european countries. Donna Kurtz, Sebastian Rahtz 05 Jul 2011
3 CLAROS - A virtual Greek and Roman Art collection CLAROS is an international federation of European universities, museums and archives led by Oxford. 2,000,000 records and images of Greek and Roman art held at six sites in four European countries are linked virtually, using semantic web tools. Donna Kurtz, Sebastian Rahtz 29 Jun 2011
2 Creative Commons Introduction to Art of the Ancient World Donna Kurtz and Sir John Boardman talk about Sir John's life, his career and experiences as a classical scholar and also the relationship works of art from different cultures around the ancient world have with one another. John Boardman, Donna Kurtz 11 Mar 2010
1 Creative Commons Research in Classical Archaeology Discussion between Sir John Boardman and Donna Kurtz on the subject of being classical archaeology researchers and academics and some of the challenges and opportunities they face. John Boardman, Donna Kurtz 11 Mar 2010