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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Digital News Report 2023. Episode 6: The importance of public service media for individuals and for society In this episode of our #DNR23 podcast we look at how important news audiences feel public service media is, both for themselves and wider society. Richard Fletcher, Federica Cherubini 13 Jul 2023
2 Digital News Report 2022. Episode 7: Which journalists do people pay most attention to and why? In this episode we look at findings from our DNR22 on the types of journalists that people across six countries pay most attention to. Nic Newman, Federica Cherubini 25 Jul 2022
3 The role of the Today programme in a national crisis Sarah Sands, editor of the Today programme, on the role of the BBC flagship radio news show Sarah Sands 09 Jun 2020
4 The 50:50 Project: increasing women's representation in the BBC's journalism Ros Atkins of BBC News talks about how the 50:50 project led to a significant increase in the number of women appearing across the BBC's journalism. Ros Atkins 11 Nov 2019
5 Creative Commons Creative Media Lecture 02 In the second lecture, Stig Abell discusses the future of modern and social journalism. Stig Abell 12 Mar 2018
6 Creative Commons Creative Media Lecture 01 In the first lecture, Stig Abell discusses the pros and cons of old fashioned journalism as well as modern forms of journalism such as social media. Stig Abell 12 Mar 2018
7 Creative Commons Is it true? Why questions about the news are changing Liz Corbin, editor, BBC Reality Check, gives a talk for the Business and Practice of Journalism Seminar Series. Liz Corbin 19 Jan 2018
8 Old media, new media, and politics in Brazil Part of the Business and Practice of Journalism Seminar Series, by Americo Martins, editor, Global Editorial Partnerships, BBC, and former director general of Brazil's public broadcasting company. Americo Martins 20 Jan 2017
9 ‘Comedy, Collaboration and Blur’: Talk and Q&A with John Osborne and Jane Berthoud An insightful discussion between comedy writer John Osborne and ex-Head of BBC Radio Comedy, Jane Berthoud. Jane Berthoud, John Osborne 13 Dec 2016
10 Statistics, the BBC and impartiality Jil Matheson, former UK national statistician and leader of BBC Trust Review gives a talk for The Business and Practice of Journalism Seminar Series. With an introduction by Denise Lievesley. Jil Matheson 05 Dec 2016
11 How the BBC reaches digital audiences in South Asia Roopa Suchak, South Asia workstream lead, BBC gives a talk for the Business and Practice of Journalism seminar series. Introduction by Richard Sambrook. Roopa Suchak 31 Oct 2016
12 Creative Commons OxPeace 2016: Is the world a more dangerous place today? John Simpson CBE, World Affairs Editor, BBC News, gives the after dinner conference speech at the 2016 OxPeace Conference. John Simpson 30 Jun 2016
13 Creative Commons Mark Thompson on the BBC and religion The director general of the BBC explains why it aired Jerry Springer: The Opera, and talks about different responses to Christianity and Islam. Mark Thompson 16 Jun 2016
14 Creative Commons Freelance journalist and Broadcaster, Henry Bonsu (Magdalen, 1986) Freelance journalist and broadcaster Henry Bonsu shares his experiences studying Modern Languages at Magdalen College and offers an insight into what it was like to be a black student at Oxford in the late eighties. Henry Bonsu 14 Jun 2016
15 The Future of the BBC Special lecture by former Chairman of the BBC Trust and current Chancellor of the University of Oxford Lord Patten of Barnes on the future of the BBC. Followed by a discussion between Lord Patten and Tim Gardam, Principal of St Anne's College. Lord Patten of Barnes, Tim Gardam 05 May 2016
16 Speaking Truth to Power: The BBC and the Middle East Lecture given at St Antony's Middle East Centre on Tuesday 17th November 2015 by Roger Hardy (former Middle East and Islamic affairs analyst with the BBC World Service). Roger Hardy 24 Nov 2015
17 The Business and Practice of Journalism seminar series - BBC Journalism: Future Uncertain? Richard Tait, Professor of journalism and former BBC governor, Cardiff University. Introduction by Richard Sambrook. Please note, the videos in this podcast are slightly distorted due to a technical error. Richard Tait 17 Nov 2015
18 Creative Commons Foreign correspondent Bethany Bell (Keble, 1987) BBC journalist Bethany Bell shares her love of Vienna and talks about her experiences as a reporter in this first interview in a new podcast series. Bethany Bell 19 May 2015
19 Creative Commons Creativity and Change in public service broadcasting - managing the tough times Helen Boaden (Director, Radio, BBC) gives a talk for the Reuters Institute. Helen Boaden 12 Mar 2015
20 'Tolkien in Oxford', BBC 1968 A discussion between Dr Stuart Lee and film & TV director Leslie Megahey on the BBC's 1968 documentary, 'Tolkien in Oxford', given at a day-long symposium that focused on different aspects of Tolkien's academic and literary work and life in Oxford. Stuart Lee, Leslie Megahey 01 Dec 2014
21 Visual journalism at the BBC - where the web meets TV Amanda Farnsworth, editor, Visual Journalism for the BBC, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute seminar series Amanda Farnsworth 18 Nov 2014
22 Adversarial Journalism: seeing it from both sides - Philip Geddes Memorial Lecture BBC Presenter Evan Davis gives the 2014 Philip Geddes Memorial Lecture speaking on ‘Adversarial Journalism: seeing it from both sides.’ Evan Davis 26 Mar 2014
23 Reporting Education Reeta Chakrabarti, BBC Education Correspondent, gives the third annual Oxford Education Society lecture. She looks at changes in education policy under the Coalition government and the challenges of reporting them. Reeta Chakrabarti 30 Sep 2013
24 Creative Commons What Obama's Elections Have Taught the Media - and the Rest of Us: RISJ/BBC Butler Lecture 2013 Larry J. Sabato, American political scientist and political analyst and Robert Kent Gooch Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia, and director of its Center for Politics, gives the 2013 RISJ/BBC Butler lecture. Larry J Sabato 27 Aug 2013
25 The Nairne Seminar 2013: Lord Mandelson and Evan Davis This year's seminar will be given by Lord Mandelson (1973, PPE) in conversation with Evan Davis. Peter Mandelson, Evan Davies 22 Apr 2013
26 Creative Commons Mark Thompson (Symposium): Politics and Language - Friends or Enemies? Symposium following Mark Thompson's series of talks for the Humanitas Programme. With Polly Toynbee, Gus O'Donnell, David Willetts MP and chaired by Andrew Marr. Mark Thompson, Polly Toynbee, Gus O'Donnell, David Willetts 15 Nov 2012
27 Creative Commons Mark Thompson: Not in my name In his third lecture, Mark Thompson looks at what happens when modern rhetoric and morality collide, taking the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as his principal examples. Mark Thompson 15 Nov 2012
28 Creative Commons Mark Thompson: Consign it to the flames Almost everyone accepts that science is our most authoritative guide to understanding the world so why is it so disputed when it comes to public policy? Mark Thompson examines what's happened to the 'argument from authority' in modern rhetoric. Mark Thompson 15 Nov 2012
29 Creative Commons Mark Thompson: Inaugural Lecture - Is Plato winning the argument? Drawing in particular on recent examples from American and British healthcare reform, Mark Thompson asks whether the language of politics is changing in ways which threaten public understanding of and engagement with the most important issues of the day. Mark Thompson 15 Nov 2012
30 Creative Commons Roger Wright: Controller of the Proms and Radio 3 Roger Wright - Controller of the Proms and Radio 3 and the most powerful broadcaster of Classical Music in Europe - Roger will talk about his career and the challenges of his professional life. Roger Wright 22 Oct 2012
31 'Lack of evidence' that popular sports products work Consumers could be wasting their money on sports drinks, protein shakes and high-end trainers, according to a new joint investigation by BBC Panorama and the British Medical Journal. Carl Heneghan 19 Oct 2012
32 Has the West Had It? In his keynote lecture at Alumni Weekend 2012, Lord Patten of Barnes attempts to shed light and his particular perspective on whether "the West has had it". Chris Patten 20 Sep 2012
33 Creative Commons The Challenges of Reporting Foreign Policy Bridget Kendall, BBC Diplomatic Correspondent, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute Seminar Series. Bridget Kendall 06 Feb 2012
34 Creative Commons Why Quality Journalism Still Matters in a Digital Age, or, who can you believe these days? Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC, gives the first lecture in the Christ Church Gorbachev Lectures on Press Freedom. Mark Thompson 26 Oct 2011
35 Making serious TV for Large Audiences Roger Graef, OBE, Managing Director, Films of Record, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute. Roger Graef 22 Jul 2011
36 Creative Commons Reporting Politics to a Mass Audience Nick Robinson, BBC Political Editor, gives a talk on reporting political news to mass audiences, drawing from his experiences as Political Editor for the BBC. Given on 26th November 2010. Nick Robinson 05 Apr 2011
37 53 Years of Media and Politics Dr. David Butler brings his legendary Friday evening Media and Politics seminar to a final conclusion by answering questions instead of asking them. David Butler, John Lloyd, Margaret Jay 04 Nov 2010
38 A History of Christianity - Introduction to the series An introductory talk given by Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch prior to the gala screening of the first episode of the BBC TV series "A History of Christianity" at St Cross 5/11/2009. Diarmaid MacCulloch 06 Nov 2009