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Whiteness, Class and the Legacies of Empire: On Home Ground

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Duration: 0:44:59 | Added: 06 Aug 2012
Katharine Tyler speaks about her new book, which explores what it means to be white modern post-colonial societies, drawing on her fieldwork in semi-rural, rural and urban spaces in Leicestershire.

Whereas multiculturalism has been steadily 'downgraded' on the policy agenda both in the UK and other parts of Europe during the 2000s, social life at neighbourhood level is increasingly characterised by an everyday negotiation of categorical boundaries such as migration histories, religions, migrant statuses, and socio-economic disparities. This series will focus on emerging empirical research and methodologies that engage with such localised, intercultural processes. The presentations are based on findings from a range of different settings, including London, northern England, the Netherlands and Germany, and also focusing on new 'zones of encounter' that go beyond the traditional inner-city perspective.

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