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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Municipal IDs and Local Citizenship For irregular migrants, the inability to provide proof of identity affects nearly every aspect of life. We explore cities that have introduced municipal ID cards to enhance social integration and enable access to key services. Myriam Cherti, Albert Gamarra, Rob McNeil, Jacqui Broadhead 18 Jan 2024
2 Oxford Mathematics 1st Year Student Lecture: Analysis III - Integration The third in our popular series of filmed student lectures takes us to Integration. This is the opening lecture in the 1st Year course. Ben Green 09 May 2019
3 Creative Commons Integration of Brits in Turkey and Turks in Britain Ibrahim Sirkeci explores integration patterns of English-speaking movers in Turkey and those of Turkish-speaking movers in Britain Ibrahim Sirkeci 11 May 2017
4 Creative Commons Psychological medicine: the importance of crossing boundaries Dr Bart Sheehan, Consultant in Psychological Medicine, Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT, gives the fifth talk in the Oxford Conference on Psychiatry and Ageing. Bart Sheehan 08 Oct 2015
5 Creative Commons Older people's views of integrated care Mr Chris Graham, Director of Research and Policy, Picker Institute, gives the third talk in the Oxford Conference on Psychiatry and Ageing. Chris Graham 08 Oct 2015
6 Creative Commons Policy challenges in population ageing Dr Laurel Hixon, Research Fellow, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, gives the first talk for the Oxford Conference on Ageing and Psychiatry. Laurel Hixon 08 Oct 2015
7 Creative Commons FMR 48 - Refugees’ integration in Uganda will require renewed lobbying A legal decision about whether refugees in Uganda can become citizens continues to be delayed. Georgia Cole 03 Jun 2015
8 Creative Commons FMR 48 - Work and refugee integration in Sweden One of the main challenges facing refugees trying to integrate in their host country is finding a suitable job. Sweden recognises this issue and is investing in making inclusion in the labour market the driver of refugee integration. Miguel Peromingo 03 Jun 2015
9 Creative Commons Forced Migration to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Burden or Boon The Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture, given by Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Talal on 5 November 2014 at the University of Oxford Examination Schools. Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Talal 08 Dec 2014
10 How to strike a balance between mainstream and targeted efforts for immigrant integration in Europe? Liz Collett and Milica Petrovic from the Migration Policy Institute give a talk Liz Collett, Milica Petrovic 14 Jul 2014
11 Creative Commons THEMIS: Accounting for diversity in Polish migration in Europe: motivation and early integration Lucinda Platt presents her paper 'Accounting for diversity in Polish migration in Europe' co-authored by Renee Luthra & Justyna Salamonska in Parallel session VI(B) of the conference Examining Migration Dynamics: Networks and Beyond, 24-26 Sept 2013 Lucinda Platt 24 Feb 2014
12 Creative Commons FMR 42 Identity and integration in Israel and Kenya Expression of non-conforming sexual orientation and gender identity depends on social, legal, cultural and political opportunities which provide space for exploration and the emergence of new identities. People's protection will also depend on these. Yiftach Millo 10 May 2013
13 Creative Commons FMR 41 East African refugees adapting to life in the UK This article reflects on the first-hand life experiences of refugees of East/Horn of Africa origin on arrival in the UK. The experiences, some of which could be seen as humorous or sad, may be informative and relevant for other practitioners. Samuel Bekalo 08 May 2013
14 Creative Commons FMR 41 Preventing re-displacement through genuine reintegration in Burundi Displacement is often part of a cyclical process of conflict and displacement. Preventing displacement, therefore, is not only about preventing new displacement but about ensuring that people do not get re-displaced. Lucy Hovil 08 May 2013
15 Creative Commons FMR 35 Local integration of refugees in Brazil Local integration is a complex economic, political, social and cultural process. Julia Bertino Moreira, Rosana Baeninger 08 Apr 2013
16 Creative Commons FMR 35 Enhancing refugees' integration: new initiatives in Brazil Recent initiatives in Brazil have strengthened protection and enhanced integration opportunities for refugees. Liliana Lyra Jubilut 08 Apr 2013
17 Creative Commons What is the relationship between new migration and community change? Migration is presumed to be a major driver of change at the neighborhood level. What is the evidence? This briefing explores current understanding and evidence about the neighborhood changes associated with new migration. David Robinson 20 Aug 2012
18 Creative Commons Citizenship, and the Migrant Metropolis: Life Within and Against the Spaces of the Law Nicholas de Genoa discusses urbanisation, and how migration is remaking cities, the spatial practice of migrants and their experience and how this can reconceptualise emergent formations of social and political rights. Nicholas de Genoa 14 Aug 2012
19 Creative Commons Land of Strangers: From a Politics of Social Ties to a Politics of the Commons Ash Amin discusses his new book, "Land of Strangers: From a Politics of Social Ties to a Politics of the Commons". Ash Amin 06 Aug 2012
20 Creative Commons Homophily is not an explanation Talja Blokland discusses notions of ethnicity, community, integration and migration, using empirical data to make a theoretical argument. She uses the notion of homophiliy - the idea that people that are similar come together. Talja Blokland 06 Aug 2012
21 Creative Commons Nostalgia and everyday multiculturalism: Anglo-Indian and Chinese Calcuttans in London and Toronto Jayani Bonnerjee looks at the connections between Anglo-Indian and Chinese communities in Calcutta through the space of neighbourhood and how the memory of neighbourhood carries over into diasporas. Jayani Bonnerjee 06 Aug 2012
22 Creative Commons Faith and suburbia: secularisation, modernity and the changing geographies of religion in London suburbs David Gilbert considers the relationship between faith and suburbia with focus on migration. Part of the OMPAS Seminar Series Trinity 2012: Everyday multiculturalism. David Gilbert 06 Aug 2012
23 Creative Commons Whiteness, Class and the Legacies of Empire: On Home Ground Katharine Tyler speaks about her new book, which explores what it means to be white modern post-colonial societies, drawing on her fieldwork in semi-rural, rural and urban spaces in Leicestershire. Katharine Tyler 06 Aug 2012
24 Creative Commons Crossing the Threshold: Identity, Integration and Multiculturalism in British and German Muslim Ethnic Minority Neighbourhoods Sarah Hackett explores the idea of the neighbourhood as a site where citizenship is practiced and negotiated, with particular focus on historical developments and settlements in Newcastle, UK and Bremen, Germany. Sarah Hackett 06 Aug 2012
25 Negotiating urban citizenship: British Muslim encounters with new migrants Deborah Phillips explores the 'neighbourhood' as a site where citizenship is practices and negotiated. She focuses particularly on the experiences of British Muslims in Bradford in their encounters with new migrants. Deborah Phillips 06 Aug 2012
26 Creative Commons Where's your bloody pigtail?: Liberalism, Empire, and the Chinese Labour Question Professor Glover outlined the moral panic around aliens and Chinese labour in the 1906 election, relating the debate to the 1905 Aliens Act and to Chinese indentured layout to South Africa. David Glover 06 Aug 2012
27 Creative Commons Gender and interventions in integration Eleonore Kofman discusses gender's role in relation to integration discourses, policies and practices. Part of the Interrogating Integration: Discourses, Policies and Everyday Practices (COMPAS Seminar Series Michaelmas 2010) Series. Eleonore Kofman 06 Aug 2012
28 Creative Commons Numbers and Needs - the urban and the rural: Immigrant settlement in Shropshire and Tower Hamlets Anne Kershen discusses the comparisons between immigrant settlements in Shropshire and London's Tower Hamlets, exploring different issues of the migrant experience arising in the two areas. Anne Kershen 06 Aug 2012
29 Creative Commons What is the role of schooling in the integration and settlement process of new Polish migrants to the UK? The EU Enlargement of 2004 entailed an intensive large-scale migration wave from Eastern European countries to the UK, in particular from Poland. Pauline Trevena 16 Jul 2012
30 Creative Commons RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: The resistance of the Erased: "You cannot fight the system alone" This podcast was recorded at the Refugee Studies Centre's last Wednesday Public Seminar of Michaelmas Term 2011. Jelka Zorn 19 Dec 2011
31 RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: Caribbean diasporas and statelessness This podcast was recorded at the Refugee Studies Centre's seventh Wednesday Public Seminar of Michaelmas Term 2011. Bridget Wooding 19 Dec 2011
32 Creative Commons RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: Negotiating local emplacement: the silent integration of refugees on the Zambian-Angolan borderlands This podcast was recorded at the Refugee Studies Centre's second Wednesday Public Seminar of Trinity Term 2011. Oliver Bakewell 21 Jul 2011
33 Dealing with The New Normal: Resilience in systems that must cope with uncertainty Part of the School's intergrative seminar series. Delivered by Professor Patricia Hirl Longstaff, James Martin Senior Visiting Fellow, Professor, Syracuse University, Research Associate, Harvard Program on Information Resources Policy. Patricia Hirl Longstaff 03 Feb 2011