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War crimes, crimes against humanity and territorial fragmentation: are peace and reconstruction possible in Syria?

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Duration: 0:47:41 | Added: 22 Dec 2017
Ziad Majed discusses his research on the political situation in Syria, which is the focus of his latest publication.

Ziad Majed, a Lebanese/French political scientist, is an associate professor of Middle East studies and International Affairs at the American University of Paris. His research focuses on Lebanon, Syria, Political transitions, Consociationalist systems and Political Islam. In 2007, he co-founded the Arab Network for the Study of Democracy. Dr. Majed’s latest publication: Syrie, La révolution orpheline (Syria, the Orphan Revolution), Paris, 2014. He also has two blogs: ziadmajed.blogspot.com (in Arabic) and vendredis-arabes.blogspot.com (French and English).

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