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Merton College

Merton College is a vibrant and diverse intellectual community that has been at the forefront of education and research at Oxford University since 1264. Nobel Prize winners and other cultural and scientific leaders, such as TS Eliot, JRR Tolkien, and Andrew Wiles, adorn the list of Eminent Mertonians. Merton’s tradition of excellence lives on, thanks to the talent and dedication of college fellows, students, staff and alumni. Together with our historic architecture, beautiful gardens, delicious food, fine accommodation, and generous support for students and researchers, they make Merton an extraordinary place in which to learn, to teach and to visit.

Series associated with Merton College

Merton College
Opera Studies
The Ockham Lecture - The Merton College Physics Lecture
# Episode Title Description People Date
23 The 26th Ockham Lecture - From Neurons to Perception: How Physics Opened the Black Box A lecture given by Professor Irene Tracey, Nuffield Chair of Anaesthetic Science and Head of the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, and Warden-elect of Merton College. Irene Tracey 28 Mar 2018
22 Why play Opera at all? Stephen Langridge explains why, in his view, opera is still a relevant and important art form. Stephen Langridge; Michael Burden 14 Nov 2017
21 The 2017 Merton Equality Conversation: 'A Duty of Care' The opening talk at the 2017 Merton Equality Conversation, given by Lord David Puttnam at the TS Eliot Theatre, Merton College, Oxford, on Tuesday 7 March 2017. David Puttnam 11 May 2017
20 Making a Contemporary Opera: in conversation with Michael Burden In this episode Katie talks in depth about her experiences of creating new and contemporary opera. Katie Mitchell, Michael Burden 10 May 2017
19 The 23rd Ockham Lecture - 'Twisting the Neutron Wavefunction' Given by Professor Charles Clark, Fellow of the Physical Measurement Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland, USA. Charles Clark 30 Mar 2017
18 Creative Commons Woman. Alone: Directing Opera Katie Mitchell talks about her time directing Opera. Katie Mitchell, Elaine Kidd, Michael Burden 14 Feb 2017
17 The 17th Ockham Lecture - 'Physics in the World of Ideas: Complexity as Energy' Given by Professor Yuri Manin, Professor Emeritus, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, Germany; Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA; Principal Researcher, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia. Yuri Manin 03 Jun 2015
16 From Edwardian Merton to the Western Front 1906-1918 A talk by Professor Anthony Fletcher (Merton 1959), Emeritus Professor of English Social History at the University of London, and author of 'Life, Death, and Growing Up on the Western Front'. Anthony Fletcher 27 Mar 2015
15 100 years on, how Tolkien came to the brink of Middle-earth A talk given at a day-long symposium that focused on different aspects of JRR Tolkien's academic and literary work, and his life in Oxford. The talk is based on a paper published in 'Tolkien Studies 11' (West Virginia University Press: 2014). John Garth 27 Mar 2015
14 How Can We Institutionalize Concern for Future Generations? A talk given by Professor Simon Caney at a climate change panel discussion organised by Global Directions and the Oxford Centre for International Studies Simon Caney 28 Jan 2015
13 Creative Commons The 16th Ockham Lecture - 'Breaking Into Your Brain' Given by Dr Aldo Faisal, Senior Lecturer in Neurotechnology, Department of Bioengineering and Department of Computing, Imperial College London, and Associated Investigator, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre. Aldo Faisal 11 Dec 2014
12 'Tolkien in Oxford', BBC 1968 A discussion between Dr Stuart Lee and film & TV director Leslie Megahey on the BBC's 1968 documentary, 'Tolkien in Oxford', given at a day-long symposium that focused on different aspects of Tolkien's academic and literary work and life in Oxford. Stuart Lee, Leslie Megahey 01 Dec 2014
11 Creative Commons "Wan, dim, and pale": the OED and Tolkien A talk by Edmund Weiner, given at 'Tolkien in Oxford', a day-long symposium that focused on different aspects of JRR Tolkien's academic and literary work, and his life in Oxford. Edmund Weiner 01 Dec 2014
10 Creative Commons What place for the F-word in Restorative Justice? A talk by Professor John Braithwaite, Distinguished Professor and Founder of RegNet (the Regulatory Institutions Network) at the Australian National University John Braithwaite 09 Jul 2014
9 The Merton Equality Conversation: 'Stemming the leakage of women from academia: why do they leave?' The opening talk at the inaugural annual Merton Equality Conversation, given by Professor Dame Athene Donald FRS at the TS Eliot Theatre, Merton College, Oxford, on Thursday 20 February 2014. Athene Donald 25 Feb 2014
8 Creative Commons Is the Indian Nuclear Tiger Changing Its Stripes? Data, Interpretation and Fact A talk by Dr Gaurav Kampani, Guest Researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS), Oslo Gaurav Kampani 21 Feb 2014
7 The Sitwells, Sitwellism and Sitwelliana A talk given by Dr Deborah Longworth of the University of Birmingham to celebrate the donation of the Neil Ritchie Sitwell Collection to Merton College. Deborah Longworth 27 Jan 2014
6 Creative Commons China and Africa - between hard and soft power Talk given to the Global Directions research group by Dr Iginio Gagliardone of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford. Iginio Gagliardone 27 Jan 2014
5 Creative Commons NATO and European Security Dynamics: Military Capability and Political Will A talk given by Professor Janne Haaland Matlary of the University of Oslo and visiting fellow at the Changing Character of War Programme, Oxford, to the Global Directions research group at Merton College. Janne Haaland Matlary 24 Jun 2013
4 Creative Commons Boko Haram: A Threat To The US Homeland? Dr Jonathan Hill, Senior Lecturer, Defence Studies Department, King's College, gives a talk on Boko Haram, the latest developments in Nigeria, and their implications for US security. Jonathan Hill 07 Jun 2013
3 Creative Commons The 1st Ockham Debate: The Problem of Quantum Measurement According to the 'standard' quantum theory, states evolve with certainty between measurements, but 'collapse' randomly when we measure them. But what is measurement? And why does it (appear to) enjoy a privileged position in the theory? James Binney, Simon Saunders 05 Jun 2013
2 Investigating the effectiveness of international law in war A discussion of the influence of international law on the rules of engagement in war and other armed conflicts. Janina Dill 10 Apr 2013
1 The Junior Research Fellowship selection committee and application process An explanation of Merton College's Junior Research Fellowship selection committee and application process. Michael Whitworth 10 Apr 2013