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Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)

Series associated with Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)

The Migration Oxford Podcast
# Episode Title Description People Date
21 Creative Commons Global Migration Data: Making Sense of the Numbers Why does official data tell us so little about migration? Why do some migration statistics seem to clash? How can we shape this “age of migration data” for better? Frank Laczko, Elisa Mosler Vidal, Rob McNeil, Jacqui Broadhead 16 Jul 2024
20 Creative Commons Intersecting Crises: Housing and Forced Migration in Oxford How does housing relate to migration and asylum issues? Using the City of Oxford as a case study, we consider the affordability and accessibility of housing to newcomers and the impact this has on refugee and asylum seekers. Tiger Hills, Hari Reed, J, Rob McNeil 30 Apr 2024
19 Creative Commons Diaspora Communities: Powerful Partners Driving Change What makes diaspora communities unique? We learn about the roles of diasporas, contributions to development and humanitarian initiatives across the globe and unpack how people living in diaspora drive change in their communities. Alan Gamlen, Larisa Lara, Martin Russell, Rob McNeil 20 Mar 2024
18 Creative Commons Artivism and Migration Intersections of art and activism are used as a tool to promote diversity, address human rights and make calls to action in contexts of migration. What is artivism and how can it support individuals to tell their own stories? Salma Zulfiqar, Natalia Federenko, Ruth Nyabuto, Rob McNeil 20 Feb 2024
17 Creative Commons Municipal IDs and Local Citizenship For irregular migrants, the inability to provide proof of identity affects nearly every aspect of life. We explore cities that have introduced municipal ID cards to enhance social integration and enable access to key services. Myriam Cherti, Albert Gamarra, Rob McNeil, Jacqui Broadhead 18 Jan 2024
16 Emptiness, War and Migration In the UK, migration debates tend to be about the idea of fullness – concepts of arrivals, overcrowding, competition for resources – but what about emptiness? We learn why it is such an important part of understanding migration. Maria Gunko, Volodymyr Artiukh, Rob McNeil, Jacqui Broadhead 07 Nov 2023
15 Automating Immigration in the Digital Age What do advancements in AI mean for immigration? We discuss the current and emerging practices of new technologies in the field, and explore developments in the use of predictive analytics, automated risk assessment and profiling. Derya Ozkul, Caterina Rodelli, Rob McNeil, Jacqui Broadhead 29 Sep 2023
14 Creative Commons Cheaters Dilemma: Iraq, WMD and the path to the 2003 war Why did Iraq fail to prove its WMD absence before the 2003 invasion? This seminar examines new evidence from Iraq and United Nations sources to shed light on the internal debates leading up to the 2003 war. Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer, Neil Ketchley 10 Jul 2023
13 Creative Commons The Popular Mobilisation Units and their Pursuit of Power and Legitimacy within the Iraqi State This talk examines the Shi‘ite political parties linked to Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) and their influence over the state, exploring their strategies for legitimacy in politics, religion, and society. Inna Rudolf, Maryam Alemzadeh 10 Jul 2023
12 Creative Commons The Iraq Invasion and Transnational Jihadism This talk explores the impact of the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 on militant Islamism using new evidence. Thomas Hegghammer, Neil Ketchley 10 Jul 2023
11 Creative Commons The Aftermath of Forced Return With the help of our panel, we discuss forced return migration and the different power dynamics at play. What are the difficulties of forced returnees to home countries and what are the differences between the wealth and influence of certain states? Matthew Gibney, Guadalupe Chavez, Maggie Loredo 27 Jun 2023
10 Precarious Migrants We often think of migration in binary terms of regular or irregular migration; legal or illegal, but often people move in between these states and are left in an insecure status. How does this precarity effect a migrant’s access to services in cities? Marie Mallet-Garcia, Shams Asadi, Wanjiku Ngotho-Mbugua 19 May 2023
9 Creative Commons Politics of Emigration In this episode of The Migration Oxford Podcast, we are discussing the politics of emigration. All countries are countries of immigration and of emigration, yet the politics of emigration are often less obsessed over as attitudes toward immigration. Anna Kyriazi, Julia Rone, Madeleine Reeves, Rob McNeil 21 Feb 2023
8 Who Counts? Data and Migration We discuss the role of data science in migration studies, joined by Dr. Emre Korkmaz, lecturer in migration and co-author of Data Science for Migration and Mobility and Christina Pao, PhD student and co-organiser of the Measuring Migration Conference 2022 Emre Korkmaz, Christina Pao, Rob McNeil, Jacqui Broadhead 19 Jan 2023
7 Creative Commons Gendered Migration How does gender affect experiences of migration and communities left behind? In the age of a controversial Nationality and Borders Bill, we ask how current policies interact with gender and find out what happens when a gender lens on migration is ignored. Jacqui Broadhead, Rob McNeil, Melissa Siegel, Alphonsine Kabagabo 05 Oct 2022
6 Creative Commons BONUS- Immigration to Innovation Aditi Anand (Artistic Director, Migration Museum) takes us on an extended tour of the immersive Taking Care of Business exhibition and introduces us to the stories behind migrant businesses we often don't get to hear. Aditi Anand 13 Sep 2022
5 Creative Commons Immigration to Innovation We take a tour round the Taking Care of Business exhibition at the Migration Museum and hear about new research into refugee entrepreneurialism. Aditi Anand, Gilda Borriello 06 Sep 2022
4 Creative Commons Movement of Money As we enter a period of global instability, we ask what role remittances will play and how we can improve data collection on remittances to better understand their vital importance on a local and global scale. Carlos Vargas-Silva, Dilip Ratha 08 Aug 2022
3 Rwanda and refoulement: Can the 1951 Refugee Convention survive? In this episode of the Migration Oxford Podcast, we ask if the 1951 Refugee Convention is under attack. Catherine Briddick, Sabir Zazai 16 May 2022
2 Citizenship Deprivation As the controversial Nationality and Borders Bill works its way through parliament in the UK, we investigate Clause 9 which focuses on citizenship deprivation and the rights of the Home Secretary to take somebody's citizenship away. Abhishek Saha, Rob McNeil, Jacqui Broadhead, Zoe Gardner 08 Apr 2022
1 Leaving Ukraine We discuss the war on Ukraine and the almost unprecedented speed and size of the movement of people fleeing the country. We discuss the displacement taking place, how refugees are being received in Europe, and the impact this will have on post-EU Britain. Roxana Barbulescu, Emma Rimpiläinen, Volodymyr Artiukh, Rob McNeil 23 Mar 2022