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Diaspora Communities: Powerful Partners Driving Change

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Duration: 0:25:22 | Added: 20 Mar 2024
What makes diaspora communities unique? We learn about the roles of diasporas, contributions to development and humanitarian initiatives across the globe and unpack how people living in diaspora drive change in their communities.

In this episode of The Migration Oxford Podcast, we unpack how diaspora communities are partners in development and humanitarian initiatives. In 2022 diaspora engagement was at the core of the discussions at global, regional and local levels. Through the Global Diaspora Summit and multiple-high level events, the role of diasporas across the humanitarian and development peace nexus is being further recognised and harnessed across the globe. But what is unique about diasporas? How do they contribute to development and humanitarianism?

How can governments and key partners create an ecosystem in which diasporas act as empowered actors? What is the best way to ensure a multi-stakeholder approach to diaspora engagement?

We welcome Dr Alan Gamlen, Professor of Migration Governance at Australian National University; Dr Larisa Lara, IOM, Transnational Communities and Digital Communications Officer at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM); and Dr Martin Russell, Founder of Global Diaspora Insights to this conversation.

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