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Bridget Anderson

Series featuring Bridget Anderson

  • Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)
  • Refugee Studies Centre
  • MSc Migration Studies
  • Alumni Weekend
  • TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
# Episode Title Description People Date
8 The Spirits of Crossbones Graveyard The book's author Sondra Hausner (Professor of Anthropology, University of Oxford) will explore the issues raised in her book. Sondra Hausner, Bridget Anderson, Diane Watt, Antonia Fitzpatrick 10 Feb 2017
7 Heroes, Villains and Victims: The dangerous politics of international migration This panel debate discusses key facts and fiction in international migration, and presents new ideas for a better politics of immigration. Bridget Anderson, Hein de Haas, Martin Ruhs, Katrin Bennhold 02 Oct 2014
6 Creative Commons Ten Types of Arabic Calligraphy; Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the History of HIV; Panel 1: Migrant Communities and Networks, and Social Exclusion in the UK and Europe (The Silent University) Two presentations and the first panel discussion of the Silent University event which took place at the Oxford Department of International Development on 20 May 2014. Behnam al-Agzeer, Mulugeta Fikadu, Bridget Anderson, Carlos Cruz 11 Aug 2014
5 Migration at Oxford: Professor Bridget Anderson Professor Bridget Anderson discusses her research interests and teaching migration at Oxford in this interview with doctoral student Carolin Fischer. Bridget Anderson, Carolin Fischer 21 Oct 2013
4 Creative Commons Panel discussion: Why do people migrate? This podcast presents a panel discussion on 'why people migrate', convened as part of the introductory lecture of this MSc course. Carlos Vargas-Silva, Bridget Anderson, Franck Düvell, Mette Berg 05 Jun 2013
3 Creative Commons The migrant and the (good) citizen: exclusion, failure, tolerance Public Seminar Series, Michaelmas term 2012. Seminar by Professor Bridget Anderson (University of Oxford) recorded on 21 November 2012 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Bridget Anderson 22 Nov 2012
2 Creative Commons Introduction to the Seminar Series 'A Chrysalis for every kind of criminal? Mobility, Crime and Citizenship' Bridget Anderson, COMPAS, Oxford University, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series entitled' 'A Chrysalis for every kind of criminal? Mobility, Crime and Citizenship'. Bridget Anderson 26 Oct 2011
1 Creative Commons Who Needs Migrant Workers? - COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Martin Ruhs and Bridget Anderson (COMPAS, University of Oxford) give a COMPAS Breakfast Briefing on 11th November 2010. Martin Ruhs, Bridget Anderson 11 Mar 2011