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That's a Wrap!

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Duration: 0:10:14 | Added: 11 Jul 2022
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Duration: 0:11:26 | Added: 11 Jul 2022
Resilience, cool communicators and space robots. This episode wraps a brilliant season of PTNPod, with Ari and Claudine's favourite 5 moments.

In this episode we talk about Anirudh's need for long-term research into how social media affects communication, Klaudia's innovative research methods and the benefits of listening, Dr Harmonie telling us about power and responsibility, Sean's fantastic description of cyber security as an investigation of human and device behaviours, and Dr Mary's take on securing robots in space.

For the "Swiss cheese" model Ari talks about, check out the original source (James Reason, 1990, "The Contribution of Latent Human Failures to the Breakdown of Complex Systems") and this video: https://www.roundtabletechnology.com/blog/what-do-cybersecurity-and-swis....

Many, many thanks to everybody listening, to those of you who got stuck in (being interviewed, letting us ask questions, helping us set everything up...), and to the Cyber Security CDT, Computer Science Department and University of Oxford for hosting us.

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