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cyber security

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 That's a Wrap! Resilience, cool communicators and space robots. This episode wraps a brilliant season of PTNPod, with Ari and Claudine's favourite 5 moments. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman 11 Jul 2022
2 Value & Benefits SPECIAL CONFERENCE EPISODE getting the inside scoop on UK Cyber Strategy. Arianna Schuler Scott, Chris Ensor, Bernard Parsons, Harmonie Toros 04 Jul 2022
3 Relevant & Useful We discuss communication challenges and pipeline problems in cyber security. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Andrew Martin, Louise Axon 27 Jun 2022
4 Raising the Bar Surprising social media harms and the Online Safety Bill. This week we're talking about Claudine's research into long term harms of social media content and managing the 'mundane'. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman 24 Jun 2022
5 Power to the Ppl Data protection and making consent more of a conversation. Listen up, and prosper! Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman 09 Jun 2022
6 Creative Commons Voice Hackers R Us We’re learning about speech interfaces and hacking home assistants with nonsense and wordplay. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Mary Bispham 28 May 2022
7 Creative Commons We are what we do Instead of passwords, what if computers used our high fives to log us in? Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Klaudia Krawiecka 22 May 2022
8 Creative Commons Make or Break Join us as we explore how to describe trust, reputation and messiness using maths! Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Sean Sirur 16 May 2022
9 Creative Commons Rethinking Risk Sometimes threats come from inside the system (content warning: intimate partner violence). Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Julia Slupska 10 May 2022
10 Creative Commons The Kids aren’t OK Designing and building apps to protect children and young folk from data harms. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Anirudh Ekambaranathan 20 Apr 2022
11 Creative Commons Technospheres Political influence and the trading power of surveillance and censorship technologies. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Valentin Weber 20 Apr 2022
12 Creative Commons Networks of Hate Exploring how hate groups use, lose and abuse social media networks. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Fatima Zahrah 20 Apr 2022
13 Creative Commons Intro Welcome to Proving the Negative, a podcast exploring the wide wonderful world of cyber security research. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman 20 Apr 2022
14 Creative Commons Will future communications technologies lead to cyber wars or a better world? Communications technology has enabled massive social change over the past decades. However, the many benefits that we enjoy are accompanied by challenges - cyber security, inadequate coverage, the ease of spreading fake news, Naomi Climer 22 May 2017
15 Creative Commons Social Media: The use of your online information for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Social media, everyone uses it, whether it is to connect with long lost friends on Facebook, or to share selfies on Instagram or Twitter! In this talk, I consider the positives & negatives, security & privacy and how it can be used supportively. Jason Nurse 14 Dec 2015
16 Social Media: Foundations of the Cyber-Society and the Role of Law Damian Tambini, Senior Lecturer, Department of Media and Communications, LSE, gives a talk for the Foundation for Freedom, Law, Justice and Society. Damian Tambini 27 Oct 2015
17 Keeping our secrets? Shaping internet technologies for the public good The Internet and related technologies, like smartphones and social networking services, are now a pervasive part of British life. Connected cars, smart cities, and ambient loos are coming soon. Ian Brown 24 Mar 2014