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We are all products of our genes, and Genetics is a major focus of NDM research. Our podcasts on genetics look at a variety of projects, including the study of some common and less-common inherited afflictions, as well as the effects our genes can have on disease susceptibility and the efficacy of treatment. Moreover, NDM researchers lead in studying the genetic variation within and between human populations, to understand the similarities and differences between us all.

# Episode Title Description People Date
15 Creative Commons Gastrointestinal cancers Dr Claire Palles studies whole genome sequencing data and targeted analyses with the aim of discovering genetic variants that affect susceptibility to colorectal cancer and Barrett’s oesophagus. Claire Palles 30 Nov 2016
14 Creative Commons Rare neurological disorders Chorea-Acanthocytosis: ChAc is a rare progressive neurological disorder caused by mutations in a very complex gene. Antonio Velayos-Baeza 04 Feb 2016
13 Creative Commons Computation and genetics Resistance to drugs in bacteria can be aquired by swapping genes between individual bacteria. Computer programs developed by Dr Iqbal enable doctors to predict which antibiotics will be met with drug resistance, enabling the selection of the right drug. Zamin Iqbal 07 Jan 2016
12 Creative Commons The Evolution of the Genome Computational and stastistical methods help us understand evolution as well as genetic disease. Gerton Lunter 02 Dec 2015
11 Creative Commons DNA replication and Cancer DNA replication and Cancer Catherine Green 10 Dec 2014
10 Creative Commons Big Data Over the past decade, data-driven science has produced enormous sets of data. Christopher Yau 10 Dec 2014
9 Creative Commons Human Genetics Professor Peter Donnelly tells us how genetics helps us to understand common diseases and develop new drugs. Peter Donnelly 09 Jul 2013
8 Creative Commons Psychiatric Genetics Every psychiatric disorder has a genetic contribution. Although anxiety and depression are very common diseases, current treatments are not very good. Jonathan Flint 21 May 2013
7 Creative Commons Specific Language Impairment Dr Dianne Newbury talks about the contribution of genetics to specific language impairment. Dianne Newbury 14 Nov 2011
6 Women's Health Dr Krina Zondervan talks about endometriosis, an incapacitating women's health condition. Krina Zondervan 30 Sep 2010
5 Obesity and Genetics Dr Cecilia Lindgren explores the links between obesity and genetics. Cecilia Lindgren 29 Mar 2011
4 Genetic Variation in Inflammation and Immunity Dr Julian Knight explains how genetic variants modulate gene expression and influence the susceptibility to commom diseases. Julian Knight 29 Nov 2010
3 Creative Commons Statistical Genetics Professor Gil McVean tells us how statistical genetics helps us understand and treat disease. Gil McVean 17 May 2012
2 Creative Commons Dyslexia and Genetics Dr Silvia Paracchini talks about the influence of genetics in dyslexia. Silvia Paracchini 27 Sep 2011
1 Creative Commons Chromatin Remodelling Dr Erika Mancini explains the role of chromatin in the regulation of gene transcription. Erika Mancini 15 Nov 2010